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CampMed Photo Gallery 2019 Lakehead

CampMed 2019 NOSM at Lakehead Group Photo

Two campers laugh while practicing suture skills on suture kits in lab classroom.Team leads assist campers with practicing suture skills on suture kits in lab classroom.
Team lead poses with two campers displaying their casted arms in lab classroom.Three campers display casted arms in clinical exam room.
Camper displays Indigenous medicine wheel example during Indigenous craft activity.Campers pose with completed medicine pouches during Indigenous craft activity.

Team lead demonstrates how to insert a naso-gastric tube into simulation mannequin in small group room.Team lead explains heart anatomy to campers using a model in lab classroom.
Team lead assists two campers with reading a sphygmomanometer to determine blood pressure.Team lead and camper group poses for picture in small group room.Camper checks radial pulse of team lead in small group room.

Group shot of campers and team leads in lecture style classroom in Thunder Bay.

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