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CampMed Photo Gallery 2018 Laurentian

CampMed 2018 group photo of campers, team leads, and NOSM staff at Laurentian University

Camper displays arm casts with team lead and Physician Assistant Group picture of campers displaying arm casts in large classroom Camper smiles at camera while wringing out casting materials over bucket while fellow camper with casted arm looks on

Registered Dietician teaches food portion control using quinoa salad in clinical skills room Camper steps over string tied between two measuring poles approximately one foot from the ground while holding a balance bar across their shoulders Camper group and two team leads pose with SimMan 3G mannequin in clinical skills room Camper group with team lead use stethescopes on large heart model in clinical skills room

Camper tests elbow reflex of fellow camper using a reflex hammer Camper and team lead test blood glucose levels using a glucometer in clinical skills room Team lead supervises camper inserting IV into IV practice model arm

Camper group and two team leads pose with skeleton model in clinical skills lab

Campers and team leads lay on backs no yoga mats in gymnasium Team Purple re-enacts the Three Wise Monkeys "See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil" pose; three campers hold an eye model, a tongue model, and an ear model while fellow campers and two team leads cover their eyes, mouths, and ears with their hands Campers and team leads strike funny pose while wearing blue gloves in classroom; 2 team leads and 1 camper use hands to make owl eyes over their eyes Photo of dual videoconferencing TV monitors displaying two angles of two campers sitting at table

Campers wearing blue booties prepare to enter staged crime scene area Camper reviews CSI notes in staged crime scene area Camper group wearing white painter's coveralls, blue gloves, and safety glasses pose outside with two team leads during CSI blood spatter analysis activity

Camper and team lead pause for photo during flexibility test Camper and team lead test flexibility by sitting on floor with legs stretched out in front and leaning forward to touch toes with handsCamper sits on chair in gymnasium while fellow camper kneels on floor and wraps their ankle Two campers wearing nose clamps and pose with CO level testing apparatusCamper group with two team leads selfie photo Camper group sitting at table using laptops for case study activity

Team lead supervises camper practicing suturing technique Team lead demonstrates suturing technique to group of campers in classroom

Group photo of all campers and team leads in large lecture hall classroom

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