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CampMed Photo Gallery 2018 Lakehead

CampMed 2018 group photo of campers, team leads, and NOSM staff at Lakehead University

Group photo of campers learning to suture in large classroom Camper poses for photo while practicing suturing technique

Camper watches as fellow camper puts cast on their arm Group photo of campers displaying casted arms Two campers pose for photo; one camper displays casted arm

Photo of a fingerprint analysis activity sheet and clear plastic cup Semi-aerial photo of team lead and two campers inspecting staged crime scene Five team leads sit on chairs in a row for crime scene investigation suspect line-upCamper group poses for photo while sitting on a cement retaining wall wearing white painter's coveralls and blue booties

Two campers pose for photo during ankle wrapping activity while one camper wraps the ankle of the other camper Camper group poses for photo during medicine pouch-making activity in the Indigenous Cultural Centre Four campers pose for photo while displaying medicine pouches

Two team leads sit at table and demonstrate IV insertion activity to campers standing around the table Photo of videographer filming team lead and camper during IV insertion activity in clinical skills lab
Team lead supervises camper practicing IV insertion Team lead supervises camper practicing IV insertion

Camper group and two team leads pose for photo holding skull, arm, hand, and leg, and pelvis bone models in anthropology classroom

Team lead observes camper group practicing naso-gastric insertion skills Camper group sits at table in small group room and practices glucose testing

Two campers practice clinical interviewing skills; one camper sits on exam bed while other camper sits on chair Camper group sitting at table using laptops for case study activity

Two campers use stethescope and blood pressue cuff to take blood pressure of fellow camper Team lead demonstrates laproscopic surgery simulator to campers

Paramedic supervises camper tour of ambulance; campers enter ambulance through the back doors Camper group and paramedic pose for photo with EMS stretcher in front of ambulance

Campers pose in staggered line beside mirror in wellness class; staggered line is reflected in mirror to give illusion of two lines of people

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