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Interest Groups (2017-2018)

The NOSMSS sponsors a variety of clubs and interest groups so our learners can explore different medical specialities and special topics in healthcare. Information on the current NOSMSS approved student groups are listed below.

Interest Group Name Executive
Altitude Healthcare Mentoring

Shana Tozer, Camille Boulay, Kayla Edison, Teaghan Koster, Niharika Shahi, Samantha Bruzzese, Alexander Bourdon

Anaesthesiology Interest Group

Katie Komsa, Nicolas Lacroix, Gabrielle Erickson, Pierre Plamondon

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Pascale King, Connor Inglis, Emily Stuart, Karly Dudar, Athina Nelson

Family Medicine Interest Group

Shana Tozer, Megan St-Aubin, Jenny Thomas, Camille Boulay, Kimberly Jovanov, Dylan Irving, Alex Eaton, Maranda Henry, Jennifer Hammell, Lasha Gorecki, Stephanie Lachapelle Olivia Christie

French Language Clinical Skills Interest

Nicolas Lacroix, Veronique Doucet, Stephanie Lachapelle, Leila Reguigui, Brittanie Labelle, Josee Malette, Camille Boulay

Friends of MSF NOSM

Charlotte Roy

Geriatric Interest Group

Jennifer Hammell, Teaghan Koster, Dylan Irving

Global Health and Social Medicine Interest Group

Nel Vandermeer

Internal Medicine (ACP, NOSM Chapter)

Joey Mercier, Oksana Motalo, Caitlyn Vlasschaert, Alexander Bourdon, Sean Cuninghame, Teresa Semalulu, Connor Inglis, Gabrielle Erickson  

Medical and Health Research Interest Group

Krista Dawhos, Alana Rawana, Collin Byrne, Lindsay Leduc, Eli Nix, Melissa Menard, Bradley Rietze, Nicole Valiquette

Medical Students for Choice

Athina Nelson, Stephanie Choquette, Alexa Lesperance

Mental Health Interest Group

Lauren Turner, Alicia Violin, Jacqueline Harvey, Andrew Shaw, Bradley Rietze, Joshua Osika, Jessamyn Mallory, Danielle Ouelette, David Wardle

Nutrition in Medicine Interest Group

Lindsay Leduc, Jenny Thomas

NOSM Point-of-Care Ultrasound IG

Zach Kuehner, Meghan Dmitriew, Matthew Jefkins, Nathan Kyryluk, Trevor Blanchard, Benoit Lafleur

OSCE Interest Group

Melissa Stacey, Josee Lalanne, Veronique Doucet,

Teresa Semalulu, Samantha Nordlund, Pascale King, Jeff McLellan, Olawale Sogbein, James Campbell, Stephanie Lachapelle, Elyssia Adamo,  Jaclyn Wallace, Kim Jovanov, Maryse Larose, Dylan Irving, Lasha Goreki, Vicki Domonkos, Niharika Shani

Pediatric Medicine Interest Group

Alicia Violin, Jacqueline Larizza, Caitlyn Vlasschaert, Alexander Bourdon, Vanessa Warren, Alexandra Dozzi, Alexandra Valcourt

Pharmacology Interest Group

Matthew Jefkins, MacKenzie Ludgate, Daniel Tesolin

Quality Improvement (formerly known as Advocates for Value-Based Care IG) Jacqueline Larizza, Meagan Roy, Niharika Shahi, Samantha Bruzzese
Radiology Interest Group

Omar Daher, Nathan Kyryluk, Victoria Domonkos

RAZ Student Led Clinic

Megan Harvey

Sport and Exercise Medicine Interest Group

Trevor Blanchard, Matthew Kutschke, Benoit Lafleur, Gabrielle Erickson, Kate Palkovits, Nicolas Nucci, Jacqueline Harvey, Eve Boissonneault

Student Interest Group in Neurology

Collin Byrne, Dylan Irving, Emily Aleksa

Surgical Interest Group

Elyssia Adamo, Victoria Domonkos, Nathan Kyryluk, Julie Ramkumar, Mariah Madigan

Wilderness Medicine

Nathalie Taylor, Dylan Irving

Women and Children's Health Interest Group

Charlotte Roy, Kristen Wright, Pascale King, April Kindrat, Rebecca Mailloux, Stephanie Choquette


To access the OMSA Interest Group Database, click here: https://omsa.ca/en/ig-database


Any further questions can be directed to the NOSM Student Society (nosmss@nosm.ca) or the VP Internal (nosmssvpinternal@nosm.ca). 



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