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Student-Led MCS Podcast

Context: The Student-Led MCS Sessions were created a few years ago at NOSM to provide an outlet for students wishing to practice formal instruction and/or presentation skills to their peers. For these sessions, students are allotted 25- or 50 minutes to deliver an in-person presentation on a medicine-related topic of their choice. In addition to the existing in-person MCS option, students now have the opportunity to share recordings of themselves speaking about clinically-relevant topics. Students may choose to, for example, present interesting cases, offer clinical pearls and/or quiz the listener. Though the submissions will not be peer-reviewed, students will have the option to indicate whether the information they present has been vetted by a physician or another authority on the subject of the podcast (encouraged). NOSM learners of all years can submit MCS podcasts. 

A guide to producing these podcasts as well as the Podcast Verifier Form can be found below.

Here is a link to the online submission form. This form can only be accessed by those with a NOSM email account

Please feel free to email the NOSMSS VP External (Caitlyn Vlasschaert) with any of your questions

P.S. We are still looking for volunteer sound editors for these podcasts. Please let me know if you're interested.

Click here for the Submission Form

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Click here for the Podcast Verifier Form 

Podcasts are available on iTunes and anywhere you get your podcasts!

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