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 GHIG  - Funbi Babalola                 

Kaylynn Purdy (Senior)                  

Kaylynn: I am a second year learner on the West Campus and excited to be NOSM’s Global Health Sr. I have experienced global health from an observational perspective in Ghana and from a research perspective in Tanzania. However, I don’t see global health solely as experiences to be undertaken outside of Canada, for I believe “All Health is Global Health.” This means that global health is health inequity. My goal for this year is to lobby for greater global health curriculum and incorporation of global health core competencies into our learner. I hope to be able to outline the creation of a global health certificate program at NOSM so that students with a desire to learn more about global health will have a place to do that.  


Purdy, Kaylynn

              Victoria Shaw (Junior)                 


 Victoria: In these coming years at NOSM, I hope to provide accessible and effective events, programs and other outlets to inform fellow students about the realities of Global Health and our capacities as future physicians at local and international levels. While in Uganda, I worked within public health and advocacy platforms for Maternal and Child Health which made my desire to work with underserved populations and developing health care systems even more apparent. I hope that as a group of innovative and socially accountable medical students, we can learn and work together towards bettering our international partnerships and seizing the opportunities to broaden our experiences on a global scale.  










Global health liason (GHL) 


          Global Health Liaison (GHL) Senior –       Kaylynn Purdy  

          Global Health Liaison (GHL) Junior –       Victoria Shaw  


  • Co-chair the Global Health interest Group
  • Represent NOSM as a member of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS)  
  • Attend conferences organized by the CFMS  
  • Participate in interest groups facilitated by members of the CFMS
  • Develop and facilitate predeparture training for students participating in IFMSA international exchanges  
  • Organize volunteer opportunities for students at NOSM



                                                                                                                                                                    Taylor, Michelle               
Nick Harrower                 


Nick: I am a second year medical student and it is my privilege to be serving as the Global Health Advocate. I am passionate about global health, specifically, equitable access to healthcare for underserved populations and look forward to someday working within this field. I hope to bring to light ways in which we, as active members in our healthcare system, can improve our communities’ health locally, nationally and globally. I will work with medical students from around the country in order to determine and address pressing health concerns. Local events centered on education and advocacy will respond to a specific need determined by members of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students. Past focuses have included topics such as Pharmacare as well as Immigrant and Refugee Health. If there is a concern that you are passionate about or a global health need you see being unmet, please feel free to get in touch with me! (nharrower@nosm.ca)

Global Health Advocate (GHA)  


  • Represents their university in the Global Health Advocacy Program
  • Coordinates local and national advocacy initiatives around a theme chosen each year by the Global Health Program within the CFMS (this year, the theme is Immigrant and Refugee Health)
  • Organizes advocacy training events and local campaigns at NOSM

Casavant, Cattie
 Samuel Merrifield (Sr.)  

Samuel: Like most, my keen interest in Global Health has evolved from the same desire that led me to medicine; to help those who need it most. I have traveled extensively including a recent medical exchange to Ghana for an elective in Community Medicine. As the Local Executive Officer for Incoming Student I aim to use this experience to facilitate rewarding experiences for international students doing an elective with NOSM through the International Federation of Medical Students Exchange Program (http://ifmsa.org/exchange-the-world/). Please do not hesitate to contact me at smerrifield@nosm.ca or leosr.nosm@gmail.com with questions, suggestions or items of note!



                                                                                                                                                                       Merrifeld, Samuel  
                 Jeff McLellan (Jr.)                  


Jeff:  I am a first year student on the East campus and am very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as the Local Exchange Officer Jr. where I will be supporting outgoing NOSM students. In this role, I hope to increase student interest in Global Health through the international electives program. Promoting the various research and clinical opportunities and providing outgoing students with adequate preparation will hopefully result in highly educational and successful experiences that will deepen students’ understanding of Global Health. It is also my hope that outgoing students will share their experiences with NOSM staff and faculty to promote continuous improvement of the Undergraduate Medical Education program here at NOSM. I would encourage any students considering an international elective to contact me at leojunior.nosm@gmail.com for more information.

Local Exchange Officer (LEO) 


Local Exchange Officer (LEO) Senior – Samuel Merrifield

Local Exchange Officer (LEO) Junior –  Jeff McLellan


  • Set up of incoming student clinical electives or research projects
  • Support incoming students throughout their stay in Canada by overseeing accommodations, clinical electives / research projects, and social programs.
  • Liaise with the IFMSA and CFMS
  • Guide outgoing students through the entire exchange application process from beginning to end


                                                                                                                                                                           Nordlund, Samantha

 Samantha Nordlund 

Samantha: Hello! My name is Sam Nordlund and I am in my first year learner on the West campus. My passion for global health was sparked on a leadership trip to Ecuador and hearing the inspirational stories of the community members.  I have continued my involvement in global health with volunteer work and as much travelling as I can afford! I believe as future healthcare professionals, we can become a part of the solution to the many health inequalities in our world.  I am excited to be NOSM’s LOGHE this year and working to organize education opportunities and events. If anyone has any questions, concerns or suggestions for future events, please contact me at my NOSM email. 

Local Officer of Global Health Education (LOGHE)    


  • Advocate for improved core and elective global health curricula and assist in the development of new global health education programs
  • Ensure the implementation of annual pre-departure training at their medical school
  • Disseminate global health opportunities / resources to members of their student body.
  • Keep track of the current status of global health (GH) education at their medical school, especially in the areas of global health curriculum development and pre-departure training     


Webber, Julia

Allyson Dill (East) 

Allyson: I am a second year student and am also the East leader of the school’s Medical Students for Choice interest group. I hope to engage students in a variety of sexual and reproductive health topics through workshops, talks, and other educational events.   


                                                                                                                                                                     Mauro, Kaylie
                  Carmen Petrick (West)                 

Carmen: I am a first year student and feel very privileged to serve as the LORSH on the West campus. With this position, I look forward to building on the successes of the past Local Officers in bringing sexual and reproductive health educational opportunities to the NOSM student body. By engaging with community stakeholders and collaborating with the NOSM community, I believe Allyson and I will present our classmates with a diverse range of opportunities to learn more about and get involved with sexual and reproductive health.


Local Officer of Sexual and Reproductive Health (LORSH) 


  • Work primarily in conjunction with the National Officer of Reproductive and Sexual Health and the GHL at NOSM to coordinate reproductive health activities at NOSM
  • Responsible for leading and implementing projects and initiatives that promote knowledge in and awareness of reproductive and sexual health, such as awareness days (World AIDS Day, International Women’s Day), workshops, and electives.



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