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Canadian Armed Forces – Military Medical Training Program (MMTP) Stream

IMPORTANT NOTE: NOSM University will not be accepting applicants through the MMTP Stream for the Entry year of 2024. CAF applicants who are interested in applying to NOSM University are invited to do so via the General, Francophone or Indigenous Admission Streams.

Applicants applying through the MMTP Steam must meet the admission and application requirements outlined on the Application Information & Admission Requirements page.

NOSM University’s Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Program participates in an agreement with the Department of National Defense (DND) in creating up to five (5) additional training positions for Regular Force Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), subsidized under the Military Medical Training Program (MMTP). Canadian Forces Staff, who are supported and funded by the DND would be eligible to apply for these positions and offers of admission will be made to those that qualify.

If you are a currently serving Canadian Armed Forces Regular Force Member and are interested in the MMTP, you can obtain more information by consulting the Officer Specialist Training on the Director Military Careers Policy and Grievances’ intranet website.

If you apply through the MMTP stream, your application score will be based on NOSM University’s application eligibility requirements (GPA, Autobiographical Sketch and Supplemental Questions). Context score will not be taken into consideration for MMTP Stream applicants. You must complete the OMSAS application; indicate in the OMSAS application that you are applying as a member of the CAF, and follow the same application procedures as all other applicants. The application fees and institutional levy will apply, and you must follow the same method of payment as all other applicants.

For additional information regarding the MMTP application process, please contact your local Personnel Selection Office.

For additional information regarding Medical Officer recruitment, roles, responsibilities, and perspective military service in Health Services, we strongly encourage you to also contact:

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