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Your donation supports medical students in Northern Ontario as they train to become physicians.

Types of Donor-Funded Awards

Endowed Bursary **

Endowed bursaries are established with a minimum investment of $10,000.  A donor may choose to pledge the $10,000 required for endowment over five years until the total is reached.  Endowed bursaries are awarded one year after the minimum contribution is reached, as interest earned on the capital will be used to pay out the annual award in perpetuity.

General Bursary Fund **

Contributions of any size are graciously welcomed and will be combined to create a general endowment account.  This fund is designated for medical students in the most imperative financial need.

Non-Endowed Bursary

The creation of a non-endowed bursary requires a yearly minimum donation of $500 for four years.  The award value may be increased at any time during the funding period.  Non-endowed bursaries are totally distributed and do not live on in perpetuity.

Both the endowed and non-endowed bursaries are eligible to be named according to the donor’s wishes, in memory of, or in honour of, a loved one or the donor. The endowed award will be named permanently with the minimum commitment of $10,000. The named annual award will exist as long as it is funded.

Double Your Donation

** Endowments and the General Bursary Fund may be eligible for matching funds through the generous assistance of the provincial government.

Interested donors are strongly encouraged to consult with the Advancement staff of NOSM to determine eligibility.

Award Terms and Student Selection

The NOSM Advancement staff work with donors to establish the selection criteria for named awards.

Awards are granted to eligible students upon the recommendation of NOSM’s Awards Committee, which has representation from Student Affairs, community members, students, and academic leadership.

A complete list of student awards can be found here.  [POINT TO UME AWARDS PAGE – MICHEL]