Dr. Moira McPherson, Chair NOSM Board, Provost and VP Academic Lakehead University (Ex-Officio/Designate)

Dr. Robert Kerr, Vice Chair NOSM Board, VP Academic and Provost of Laurentian University (Ex-officio/Designate)

Dr. Roger Strasser, Dean-CEO Northern Ontario School of Medicine (Ex-Officio)


Mrs. Danielle Bélanger-Corbin, Chair of NE LHINS Board of Directors, Haileybury (2015-2018)

Mr. Gary Boissoneau, Self Employed, Garden River (2014-2017)

Dr. Pierre Bonin, Physician, Sudbury (2015-2018)

Mr. Ken Boshcoff, Director of Business Development, Thunder Bay (2014-2017)

Mrs. Angèle Brunelle, Executive Director of L’Accueil francophone, Thunder Bay (2013-2016)

Dr. Roger Couture, Dean,  Faculty of Health and Acting Dean, Faculty of Education, Sudbury (2013-2016)

Dr. George Doig, Physician, Thunder Bay  (2013-2016)

Mr. Pierre Dumais, Lawyer, Hearts (2014-2017)

Mr. Mark Hurst, Past President and CEO North Bay RHC, North Bay (2015-2018)

Ms Krista Marcotte, MD Candidate, Sudbury (2014-2015)

Dr. Lori Livingston, University Administrator and Professor, Thunder Bay (2013-2016)

Mr. Ben Petersen, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer RVRHC, Barrie (2013-2016)

Mr. Tim Pile, Secretary & Treasurer Metis Nation of Ontario, Thunder Bay (2013-2016)

Mrs. Angela Robson, Corporate Affairs Manager, Vale (Ontario Operations), Sudbury (2013-2016)

Mrs. Carolyn Sinclair, Retired Educator and Community Volunteer, Sudbury (2013-2016)

Mr. Bruce Sutton, Retired, CPA, Treasurer NOSM Corporation , Thunder Bay (2015-2018)

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