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Eligibility and Criteria

To be eligible for a Faculty Award of Education and Scholarship, the faculty member must have been actively engaged at NOSM at the time of nomination. For this program, a faculty member is defined as a full-time, part-time, joint, or stipendiary member in the Clinical, Medical, or Human Sciences Division, including Librarians.

Nominees should have made a demonstrated, significant contribution to NOSM. A previous winner may be nominated in a category but cannot be the recipient of the same award for two (2) consecutive years.

To be eligible for a Learner Nominated Teaching Award of Excellence, an undergraduate medical student, postgraduate resident, or fellow, master’s student, or other allied health learner must be a registered NOSM learner in good academic standing with respect to all CanMEDS roles*. Learners may only receive the award once during enrolment in each NOSM academic program.

*The CanMEDS roles are as follows:

  • Medical Expert
  • Communicator
  • Collaborator
  • Manager
  • Health Advocate
  • Scholar
  • Professional

Nomination Process

Nominations may be submitted by any NOSM faculty member or in the case of a learner peer nominations by a NOSM-registered learner. Faculty may self-nominate themselves for an award. In these cases, the self nomination must be accompanied by two letters of support from other NOSM faculty members. Nominators may submit one nomination per person per category using the attached nomination form. Nominations must be submitted with supporting written documentation, including the name of the nominator. The NOSM Awards of Education and Scholarship Committee will review nominations and make final selections.

The nominator is responsible to ensure all information required on the nomination form is complete.

All nominees will receive written notification and congratulations regarding their nomination.

Nominators of the successful award recipient will be contacted and requested to either prepare an in-person tribute at Northern Constellations or a short video outlining why the recipient should receive the award.

Recipients in each category will be notified in writing and congratulated in writing once all applications have been reviewed.

Please submit completed nominations no later than 4:00 pm January 3, 2022.

Nomination Form

NOSM Awards Committee Terms of Reference

Faculty Awards Committee Terms of Reference


To review all nominations for the NOSM Awards of Education and Scholarship on an annual basis and determine if suitable award recipients exist for each award category. Under exceptional circumstances, two (2) nominees may be awarded in a category. If no suitable nominee is found, no award will be issued. Only the information provided with the nomination will be used in the selection process of the awards. The Committee members will also review and make recommendations to improve the current process and criteria, or, if required, recommend the addition of a new category.

Guiding Principles

Membership is voluntary at the invitation of the Division Heads and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs. The Associate Dean Faculty Affairs will act as Chair in a non-voting capacity unless there is a tie.

Committee members shall recuse themselves from discussion and decision-making with respect to any nominee that may represent a conflict of interest. Conflict of Interest is a broad term that includes real, potential, and perceived conflicts as defined below:

  1. A real conflict of interest would exist if a committee or sub-committee member were a nominee for an award.
  2. A perceived conflict of interest exists if there could be a reasonable apprehension that a conflict exists, and that the Committee member may not be able to act in an impartial way.

The onus is on the Committee or Sub-Committee member to disclose a conflict. Committee and Sub-Committee members must openly disclose any real, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest and ensure that such conflicts are resolved.

Committee and Sub-Committee members will be provided with an agenda and/or notified in advance of Awards Committee meetings or activities to be able to ascertain whether they are in a real, potential, or perceived conflict of interest situation.

If a Committee or Sub-Committee member, during their term on the Awards Committee, is nominated in any one of the award categories, they will not be entitled to participate in the discussion, decision, debate or vote with respect to the category for which they have been nominated.

The Committee members and Sub-Committee will endeavor to achieve the greatest possible transparency with respect to procedures and decisions, without compromising the confidentiality of the nominator and nominee. The composition of the Awards Committee shall be a matter of public record.


Where possible, the Awards Committee will strive to maintain some geographic diversity in its membership.

The NOSM Awards of Education and Scholarship Committee Membership will be as follows:

  • Division Head Clinical Sciences
  • Division Head Medical Sciences
  • Division Head Human Sciences
  • Clinical Sciences Faculty member (one to be named)
  • Medical or Human Sciences member (one to be named)
  • Section Chair (one to be named)
  • PCTA member (one to be named)
  • Director Faculty Affairs

The Learner Nominate Awards Subcommittee membership will be as follows*:

  • Assistant Dean Learner Affairs
  • Director Faculty Affairs
  • Postgraduate SLG Representative
  • 2 Undergraduate Medical students
  • 2 Postgraduate Residents
  • 1 Health Sciences Learner

*All learner types will be represented on this committee.

It is recommended that members be given two-year terms with staggered start dates to ensure knowledge transfer and consistency.

NOSM Awards of Excellence and Scholarship – Information Package