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Program Overview & Highlights

Program Overview

Length of training: one (1) year

The PGY3 Family Medicine Emergency Medicine enhanced skills program is built on years of expertise, academic excellence, and a well-developed infrastructure, designed for physicians seeking a unique and challenging experience in Emergency Medicine.

The program will provide an optimal training experience and enhance the emergency medicine skills of the family medicine residents and family physicians in the training  program, which will lead to improved delivery of emergency medical care in the communities in which these physicians will practice.

We function as one program, with two distinct training sites: one in Sudbury and one in Thunder Bay.

Residents who match to our program will be required to home-base in the community/stream that they match to. Most rotations will be completed in or near the resident’s home-base/location of primary residence.

The clinical and academic curricula are entirely shared.

Program Highlights

Northern Ontario provides a rich environment for learning including two tertiary regional referral centres for a huge geographical area.
Our learners can expect:

  • Learning priority over service-based rotations
  • Low preceptor to learner ratio – often 1:1
  • Less specialty residents
  • Emergency-focused TTL shifts
  • Procedural experience including complex reductions, tendon repair, and airway management
  • High numbers of pediatric presentations
  • High acuity presentations
  • Longitudinal simulation training
  • Core IP and Resuscitation POCUS training
  • Residents as teacher opportunities
  • Robust research support


NOSM University Resident Wellness Program Support

Residency is a unique opportunity to learn, grow and set the stage for the rest of your career. Residency also has its challenges. While you will face high expectations, the NOSM University Resident Wellness Program aims to ensure you also have a high degree of support. The mission of the Wellness Program is to assist our residents in achieving the knowledge and skills to develop healthy and productive professional identities during this important transitional time. The framework of the program includes occupational/academic health, physical health, emotional health and social health.

Our highest priority is providing and coordinating supports for residents who have specific health needs, whether pre-existing or arising during residency. Wellness Program personnel will assist residents with finding and coordinating health resources, as well as working with residency programs to accommodate the learning and training environment if needed. The program also includes proactive components for all residents such as: a wellness curriculum, promoting safe housing and transportation, ensuring your duty hour and leave protections are respected, cultural supports, and guidance with developing a healthy and productive professional identity.

The NOSM University Resident Wellness Program has developed a “Residents” section within the interactive wellness app NOSM Well. The Residents section in the App delivers easily accessible, secure, up-to-date wellness information to you around the clock, in any setting!