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Dr. Basia Siedlecki
UME, Global Health, NOSM
Email: jbsiedle@gmail.com

​About the Global Health Coordinator

February 2014

Hello, my name is Dr Basia Siedlecki.

I was appointed as the Global Health Coordinator for NOSM in September 2012. I am a practising physician as the Chief of Hospitalist Medicine at Georgian Bay General Hospital in Midland, Ontario. I am also a part-time ER physician. I have a Ph.D. in Health Research from the University of Calgary, which focused on health systems in rural and remote Canadian northern communities.

My focus at NOSM over the past year has been on student safety. Recognizing that students have been involved in international health activities and electives, I have developed and lead a pre-departure workshop. This will, in the future, be a mandatory exercise for students embarking on such activities. I have also worked with IT to develop a web-based tool for students to register before departure, so that a further layer of safety can be added to their travel.

On a different note, I have been involved with and chair a global health working group which includes students, faculty, and administration, which is working towards developing a global health curricular thread for the NOSM undergraduate medical curriculum.

Finally, I am working on developing formal relationships with foreign partners to facilitate safe, structured and curricularly relevant international electives for students.

Please feel free to contact me at jbsiedle@gmail.com with questions or comments. 


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