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MD Program Introduction

The four-year MD curriculum is split into three Phases:

Phase 1 (years 1 and 2) involves a sequence of 11 modules with ongoing community integrated learning;

Phase 2 (year 3) involves students undertaking an eight-month community-based longitudinal clerkship; and

Phase 3 (year 4) consists of seven specialist clerkship rotations in larger hospital settings.

The curriculum content is organized around five Themes that link teaching, learning, and assessment into a single integrated curriculum.

Students engage in a combination of small and large group teaching, practical and lab teaching and a large quantity of community-based clinical experiences that combine clinical, medical and human sciences into a powerful, innovative and socially accountable program.

At completion of the program, graduates will have earned an MD degree equivalent to all other Canadian medical schools and are ready and able to undertake postgraduate training anywhere in Canada albeit with a special affinity for training and clinical practice in northern urban, rural, and remote communities.








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