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“I have experienced or witnessed a breach of professionalism.” 

Committee on Supporting Student Professionalism Information  
For any faculty or staff with concerns about professionalism of a UME student that occurs outside of a NOSM academic or clinical activity please email umeprofessionalism@nosm.ca to arrange to review with the CSSP Co-Chairs. 

If you have a question for the MD Program, please contact:

Dr. David Musson
Associate Dean, UME
Phone: 807-766-7427  
Email: david.musson@nosm.ca

Lianne Baron
Executive Assistant, UME 
Phone: 807-766-7423
Email: lianne.baron@nosm.ca

Email instructions: In your email to Dr. Musson or Lianne Baron, please include your name, date, time, and location of the incident (i.e. room, building, community), as well as a description of the incident including names of those involved. 

If you have a question for Postgraduate Education, please contact:

Jennifer Fawcett
Director of Postgraduate Education
Phone: 807-766-7503
Email:  jennifer.fawcett@nosm.ca

* Please note, you may need to copy and paste the email address into your email, depending on how your computer or hand-held device is set up.


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