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Using Standardized Patients

The SP program is able to provide a wide range of SPs, aged 15 to 85, of varying nationalities and a range of physical characteristics. There are many SPs who have been with the program since its inception and are considered very experienced.

Our SPs provide a broad range of scenarios to simulate from simple complaints to psycho-social issues, breaking bad news and difficult patient scenarios.  They are prepared for scenarios involving medical history taking, physical examination, and counselling or basic “warm body” situations. SPs are not used for any invasive procedures.

SPs are also utilized in evaluative exercises such as Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE), remediation and in combination with hi-fidelity manikins or task trainers to enhance realism of a situation.

Who may request an SP?

SPs may be booked by any faculty member, tutor, or preceptor affiliated with an accredited program within the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. The request must be supported and approved by their program director (or equivalent).

SPs may also be booked by external health organizations and/or programs (i.e. University, Medical Council of Canada, hospital).

Booking Procedures

All SP booking requests must be submitted electronically, using our SP Request Form.

We require a minimum notice of four weeks for booking an SP, with day one being the day we receive the request.  Once the request is received, the Clinical Skills Coordinator will review the needs and respond to the requester.

Policies and Procedures for Users of SPs

NOSM’s SP User Manual is in development which will contain important information regarding policies and procedures when using our SPs. Please refer to the SP User Guide.

Quality Assurance Report

In order to effectively evaluate the skills and professionalism of our SPs, we ask all users of SPs to complete the Quality Assurance Report.

Quality Report on SP_Sudbury

Quality Report on SP_TBay