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Northern Studies Stream – NSS

The Northern Studies Stream (NSS) program was created in 1990 as an integral part of McMaster University’s Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology programs. The NSS program mandate is to:

  • increase students’ awareness and knowledge of the social determinants of health unique to northern and rural communities
  • increase students’ awareness of First Nations health concerns and practices
  • provide students with the skills required for the unique practice of rural healthcare
  • facilitate the recruitment and retention of rehabilitation professionals in Northern Ontario
  • facilitate professional networking amongst rehabilitation providers in Northwestern Ontario

Through the NSS Program, McMaster Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Language Pathology students have the opportunity to complete a clinical placement in Northern Ontario. When learners are selected by their program to complete a NSS placement, they submit an application to NOSM’s PaNDa system.  Learner applications are then matched to placement offers we have received from our Clinical Partners in Northern Ontario. Once matched, a formal conformation letter is sent to the learner, preceptor, site coordinator and home university placement coordinator to ensure the necessary agreements and placement requirements are finalized before the start date.

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