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SLP and Audiology Preceptor Award Winners & Nominees

2021 – 2022 SLP and Audiology Preceptor Award Winners & Nominees

Commitment to Clinical Education

Winner – Susan Redmann Brodeur – St. Joseph’s Care Group

Susan contributes greatly to clinical education and takes learners frequently, even during the pandemic when offering a placement opportunity came with challenges.

She goes above and beyond to provide a learning experience that is meaningful and valuable for her learners, which was highlighted when she personally advocated for a learner’s short placement to be extended in order to help improve this learner’s clinical skills and confidence. The extended opportunity allowed this learner to enhance her skills and feel more competent as a clinician.




  • Rachel Pessah – Bright Spot Therapy
  • Lori Ivey – Algoma Public Health
  • Lori Spicer – George Jeffrey Children’s Centre
  • Claire Beckett – Claire Beckett Speech Language Pathologist
  • Tami Ross – St. Joseph’s Care Group
  • Martha McClelland – Children’s Centre Thunder Bay
  • Joelle Katona – Northwestern Health Unit

Innovative Preceptor Award

Winner – Katie Clower – George Jeffrey Children’s Centre

Kate was nominated for her ability to provide unique and innovative opportunities during placement when faced with service delivery challenges due to the pandemic. Kate was required to think outside the box in order to ensure her learner had a successful placement during a time when providing services in a typical fashion was not always possible. Her innovation and willingness to go out of her way to do things differently, and ensure her learner was meeting her learning goals, highlights her passion for providing valuable, unique and meaningful experiences for both her learners and clients.


Northern Ambassador

Winner – Jean-Grégoire Roveda – Sudbury Audiology Clinic

Jean-Gregoire was nominated for being such a great role model to learners on client centered practice.  Jean was noted for his tireless commitment to his clients,  providing services in both urban and rural settings at the clinic, client homes, and long-term care facilities. 

Jean’s rapport and compassion for his clients is genuine and  beyond comparison.





  • Andrea Boyd – St. Joseph’s Care Group