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SLP and Audiology Preceptor Award Winners

2019 – 2020 SLP and Audiology Preceptor Award Winners

Academic Excellence

Carrie Hall – Firefly, Kenora

  • Carrie is motivated and committed to continuously learn and grow as a clinician. Her enthusiasm extends beyond academics and includes “pursuing specialized training to improve service delivery at the system level in order to better meet the needs of the clients within her community”. Her “commitment to high-level learning within the profession is demonstrated by providing high quality clinical mentorship”, as well as her ongoing participation and contribution to scholarly activities.

Commitment to Clinical Education

Susan Coulter – Children’s Centre Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay, ON

  • Susan demonstrates ongoing and frequent commitment towards clinical education of learners in the North by providing “strong clinical experiences for students since 2006”. She goes above and beyond to ensure the clinical experience of her learners is positive and of high quality. She She works diligently to ensure that her clinical leaners receive a thorough understanding of diverse clinical caseloads and interprofessional collaboration. Susan approaches her mentorship role with the belief that “a supportive clinical placement experience can shape a clinician”. She possesses a strong understanding that learners “benefit from diverse clinical experiences and strong community connections”.

Amelia Hessel – West Parry Sound Health Centre, Parry Sound, ON

  • Amelia Hessel was awarded for her commitment towards the clinical education of health science professional learners in the North. As a new preceptor, Amelia is being recognized her being supportive to develop clinical and professional skills in hospital and community environments. We look forward to continuing to have Amelia support clincial education in the North.

Innovative Preceptor Award

Tanya Altman – Enhanced Hearing Centres, Dryden, ON

  • Tanya is a preceptor who embraces innovation when providing clinical learning experiences. She displays an ability to meet the needs of her learners and use mentorship skills that “strengthen clinical reasoning skills”. She provides learners with an experience that is diverse, exciting and engaging. Her innovative preceptor skills allow her to guide learners to become confident and skilled professionals.

Sarah McSheffrey – Cochrane Temiskaming Children Treatment Centre, Cochrane, ON

  • Sarah is being recognized as a preceptor who embraces innovation in providing clinical learning experiences. This award will recognize an educator/therapist who is prepared to do thing differently, “innovatively”, in order to meet the needs of the learner. Sarah is described by her nominator as simply “AMAZING!” Her passion, dedication, and knowledge inspires her learners to reach their highest potential.

Interprofessional Collaborator

Christina Venier – Firefly, Kenora, ON

  • Christina is recognized as a clinician with strong collaborative skills and as a leader of interprofessional learning. She works with numerous professionals and provides her learners with “countless opportunities to learn from other professions while on placement”. She has a strong presence working as member of the FASD clinic, alongside numerous other professionals, including other rehabilitation professionals, teachers, and daycare staff. Her dedication to team collaboration provides a rich learning experience for students, as well as more positive outcomes for the clients she works with.

Kayla Palombaro – Sault Area Hospital, Sault Ste Marie, ON

  • Kayla was awarded the interprofessional collaborator award for her extraordinary effort in securing learner opportunities to observe, collaborate with, and learn about other professions. We would to thank Kayla for going above and beyond to develop opportunities for learners at your site and in your community!

Northern Ambassador

Caroline Auclair – Firefly, Sioux Lookout, ON

  • Caroline is recognized as being a strong ambassador for her community. Her nominator spoke that “her passion for providing Northern communities with quality rehabilitation services was so evident during the placement”. She dedicates time to teaching her clinical learners about service delivery in the North. She teaches about cultural and geographical considerations and how to incorporate these considerations into clinical practice. She continuously encourages her learners to reflect on important and unique considerations when working in Northern communities to ensure the services being provided are appropriate for the clients and their families. Her passion for her community and the clients she works with is apparent and has made a strong impact on the learners she has taught.

Jean-Grégoire Roveda – Sudbury Audiology Clinic, Sudbury, ON

  • A Northern Ambassador, Jean-Grégoire is recognized by his learners and colleagues for his commitment to client service. Jean Gregoire is described by his nominator for being welcoming, commited, and a role model for accessbile services. Enthusiastic about clinical training, Jean-Grégoire frequently welcomes learners from various disciplines into his clinic.