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PT Winners

2019 – 2020 Physiotherapy Preceptor Award Winners

Academic Excellence

Christopher Winn – Fanti Physiotherapy and Associates, Thunder Bay, ON

  • Christopher Winn is the epitomy of a northern practitioner and clinical educator who consistently maintains academic excellence. A former assistant professor with the Northern Studies Stream, his contributions to scholarly activity include published research on recruitment and retention of rehabiliation health professionals. His nominator stated he “consistently scheduled time throughout the day for us to practice new techniques or techniques I needed help with. This really helped with my learning experience and confidence in treating patients. Also, continually educated me on other aspects of the profession such as communication skills, advocacy, the business aspect of physiotherapy, and ways to continue learning after graduating from school.”

Fleur Nelson – Group Health Centre, Sault Ste Marie, ON

  • Fleur is always looking for opportunities to increase her knowledge and practice. She informed me of the pain conference she is hosting to educated other health professionals on the purpose of pain, and a different perspective on the topic. She always provided me with research based learning materials, and encouraged my learning as a student. Fleur attends local/provincial conferences and workshops and is always looking to learn more. She then contributes what she learns to the local community.

Commitment to Clinical Education

Julie Lo – St Joseph’s Care Group, Thunder Bay, ON

  • Julie Lo’s passion and committment to clinical education is evident by the impressive 9 placements that she has facilitated in the last few years. Her nominator states “Julie was kind enough to take me as a student this year, and it is my understanding that she has a history of taking students frequently. Even while on my placement for one week she supported a second student and his learning from Amsterdam as I finished my placement and he began his at St.Joseph’s Care. Julie is well versed in the clinical requirements of various schools and worked with me towards my clinical goals. She provided a positive learning environment and experience.”

Kylie Knudsen – Northern Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, Thunder Bay, ON

  • Kylie Knudsen is a PT who is completely committed to offering clinical education opportunites and who has provided excellent placements to 6 learners in the last few years. Her nominator states,”Kylie does her best to take students at varying levels of their learning as frequently as possible. And her experience with students shows. She has an excellent understanding of where students are in their learning, how to challenge them effectively to progress their skills, and provides instruction for further placements. For example, Kylie explained to me the opportunities to look out for and to take advantage of to be able to my apply to my repertoire from other placements.
    Kylie Knudsen is an outstanding preceptor who should be considered for the Clinical Education award. She embraces every opportunity for learning and encourages those around her to do the same. Whether it’s her commitment to her clinic or her passion for coaching dance, she is always willing to go the extra mile. She has taken on numerous students through the NOSM program and has worked hard to advocate for physiotherapy profession. I cannot think of person better suited for this award.”

Lisa Amsden – Group Health Centre, Sault Ste Marie, ON

  • Lisa is very committed to her job and always challenged me as a learner to critically think and brainstorm alternative diagnoses during placement. She was always available for feedback and made sure I was on track with my learning goals. She goes out of her way to make time for me as a student and was always willing to help and guide my learning. Lisa privided me with as many resources needed, and sat down with me to discuss how I could improve as a future physiotherapist.

Innovative Preceptor Award

Kirsten Ng – George Jeffrey Children’s Centre, Thunder Bay, ON

  • Kirsten Ng consistently provides clinical placements that are filled with innovative experiences and opportunities. Her nominator states “Kirsten provides both in centre and rural services. She frequently takes students and provides them with unique learning opportunities where they get to work with pediatric clients who have significant neurological needs. She shares her NDT and Spinal Cord Injury specific training with these learners.
    Students on placement with Kirsten have opportunities to travel to various communities and see what type of creativity is required to provide services from Armstrong to Nakina and across the north shore – she sees client in school, in community centres and at home. They learn how to be flexible with environments, and equipment that can be accessed.  Kirsten’s commitment to student learning is exemplary.”

Fleur Nelson – Group Health Centre, Sault Ste Marie, ON

  • Fleur is constantly learning and applying her new knowledge to her practice. She shares her new knowledge and clinical skills during her inservice times with her colleagues. Fleur took the time to teach me many different skills, both hands on and communication skills. Although she had her specific treatment techniques, Fleur always respected the way I wanted to treat my patients and encouraged me to do so. She was always available for questions when needed and was an amazing instructor/educator.

Interprofessional Collaborator

Meranda Termaat – St. Joseph’s Care Group, Thunder Bay, ON

  • Meranda Termaat is a clinical preceptor who teaches as she practices – in a collaborative manner that involves all of her team peers. Her nomintor notes that “Meranda considers the entire rehab team in her care plans for patients. She recognizes that without the support of OTs, SLPs, rehab assistants, social workers, doctors, and other PTs that a patient’s care may not be as good alone as it would be from a team. She consistently made an effort to keep team and patient family members in the loop through rounds, family conferences, and general communication. She is not afraid to advocate for patients within the group in order to provide the best care.”

Navneet Sidhu – St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, Sudbury, ON

  • Navneet is very dedicated to her patients and goes the extra mile to ensure her care is coordinated with other HCPs. She goes out of her way to suggest ideas for other providers to advocate on behalf of patients. She is an active collaborator in team rounds and sets a great example of what collaborative practice should be.

Northern Ambassador

Stephanie Dziengo – Lake of the Woods District Hospital, Thunder Bay, ON

  • Stephanie Dziengo is a clinical preceptor who has provided 4 clinical placements in the last few years that have all been more than just developing clinical skills, and rather have focused on developing a northern lifestyle. Her nominator states that “Steph was very welcoming to all learners of different disciplines. Not only was she knowledgeable about the hospital, but also the community itself, offering advice on where to eat, places to stay for my visiting family, and things to do. She went the extra mile by taking my friend (PT student) and I out for dinner with some of the staff and driving us to get groceries and staff events. She made sure the students were able to enjoy every experience possible while up north through day trips and more”.

Alanna Augruso – Fanti Physiotherapy and Associates, Thunder Bay, ON

  • Alanna Augrusso is a PT who is stongly committed to her profession as evidenced by her involvement with her local and provincial association. She demonstrates to her students that Northern practitioners can still be actively engaged with all levels of their professional bodies. Her nominator recognized this valuable perspective and stated “Alanna exemplifies a Northern Ambassador as she is a newly appointed member of the OPA board of directors and she also flew to Toronto to attended the OPA conference. She also brought me to the Northern Annual General Meeting which was followed by a informative talk by a member from the Arthritis Society of Canada. Alanna was very welcoming throughout the placement. This is valuable as students traveling to the North may be far away from home and appreciate a friendly welcoming.”

Sarangan Lingham – Wilson Memorial General Hospital, Marathon, ON

  • As a new preceptor, Sarangan Lingham recognizes and promotes the inherent value of clinical education as a means of recruitment, to Northern Ontario. His nominator also recognized this and stated “Sarangan went above and beyond to ensure a diverse clinical placement for me. He provided me with opportunities to shadow other health care professionals and was extremely helpful in all difficult client situations. Sarangan not only motivated me to learn as much as I could and provide the best and wholesome care to my patients, he drove me to explore the North and is the reason I will be exploring future employment options up North.”

Cassandra Pellerin – Health Tweak, Sudbury, ON

  • Cass was an excellent Clinical Instructor and really embodied a true Northern Ambassador. She provided me with several recommendations for activities to try while I was on placement including x-country skiing, outdoor skating trails, and local restaurants which I really enjoyed. She was extremely welcoming from my very first day of placement and made me feel like part of the community instantly, and even helped arrange a clinic outing to a professional basketball game which was amazing!