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OT Winners

2019 – 2020 Occupational Therapy Preceptor Award Winners

Academic Excellence

Zoé Campbell – Firefly, Kenora, ON

  • Zoé Campbell is true to the discipline of Occupational Therapy (OT). She bases her assessment and intervention within the theories supporting (OT). She consistently works for evidence-based practices that she can bring to the Child Mental Health team at Firefly. She is currently doing a research project in India and will be returning to complete the study. She has also applied for a mentorship with CAOT to build her skills as a clinician. Zoé has been an amazing preceptor and has inspired me.

Commitment to Clinical Education

Jane Horiguchi – Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences, Thunder Bay, ON

  • Jane has been the Coordinator of Clinical Education for Occupational Therapy at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences for almost 20 years. During this time she has coordinated numerous student OT placements. Jane has always been an advocate for student placements and she encourages both experienced as well as new preceptors to offer placements. Before placements start Jane takes care of the many details that go into having learners onsite so that the preceptor’s experience is simple and non-stressful. In addition Jane regularly acts as a preceptor and she offers opportunities for learners to shadow her while they are completing a placement with other OT’s in our department. She often offers to fill in for preceptors if they have vacation or sick days during a placement. Jane is always available to give students and preceptors ongoing support, assistance and encouragement during clinical placements. A large part of the credit for our department offering frequent and excellent placements to OT learners is because of Jane’s commitment to clinical education.

Michael Ivany – NBRHC – North Bay, ON

  • Michael was nominated by two students for his commitment to clinical education, and routinely provides placement opportunities to both OT and OTA students, sometimes concurrently. Michael encourages the development of reflective and evidence-based practice, and works collaboratively with his students, creating an comfortable environment for the exchange of reciprocal feedback.

Innovative Preceptor Award

Deanne Lee – St. Joseph’s Care Group, Thunder Bay, ON

  • During student placements Deanne creates a comfortable learning environment for students. Not only is she attentive to the requirements of her clients in the clinical setting, but also, to the unique learning needs of her students. She is adaptable during placement and assists her students in seeking and achieving innovative learning opportunities.

Diane Pigeau – TADH, Timmins, ON

  • Diane was nominated for two different awards by her students. A student shared that Diane advocated “for a patient who spoke Cree as his first language. Diane organized a translator to come and speak with the patient to assess his cognition. The translator translated from Cree to French, and then Diane translated from French to English so I could understand what was happening in the moment and it allowed me to participate in the interview.”

Interprofessional Collaborator

Nicole De Amicis & Karen Pontello – Partners in Rehab, Thunder Bay, ON

  • Karen and Nicole were an exceptional duo. They consistently collaborated between themselves and the rest of the team of OTs, PTs, and SLPs to ensure their clients had the best care and that students have access to many learning opportunities. Furthermore, they continuously advocated for their role in a variety of settings, demonstrating the value of OT and the importance of advocating for the profession. Their abilities to collaborate help students learn about teamwork and a solution-focused approach.

Rachel Kemp – NEO Kids CTC, Sudbury, ON

  • Rachel’s student shared that “Each week she organized opportunities for me to directly participate in a wide variety of programs offered at the Children’s Treatment Centre, providing a greater understanding of the work of an Occupational Therapist in this setting, as well as the role of the OT on a multidisciplinary team.”

Northern Ambassador

Kimberly Forshaw – St. Joseph’s Care Group, Thunder Bay, ON

  • Kim is passionate about providing services to northern communities.
    While working full time as an OT at St. Joes, she also works part time in the community and is able to share her knowledge of the community with her stufdents.
    She incorporates cultural awareness into her practice and encourages students to do the same. Kim also teaches rehabilitation assistants and physiotherapy students by offering shadowing opportunities.

Laurie Alfano – Sault Area Hospital, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

  • Laurie’s student noted that “Laurie always made work a very welcoming environment for clients, her colleagues, and students. Laurie works extremely hard to serve her northern community and advocates for exceptional healthcare for northern residents. For many years Laurie was the practice lead of the Occupational Therapy team of Sault Area Hospital and worked extremely hard to advocate for how the profession of OT can better the lives of both patients in the hospital and those seeking outpatient services.”