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About Our PGY3 Programs

Residents practicing in northern Ontario require comprehensive knowledge and skills to practice in rural and remote settings. The Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) recognizes the need for Family Medicine residents to acquire additional learning opportunities that enhance their scope of practice and further develop competencies and skills sets. The learning environments of northern communities are combined with academic centers to reach these goals. NOSM's PGY3 programs in advanced skills assist learners to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and professional behaviours with an approach that builds the confidence to manage clinical problems outside tertiary centers in settings with less resources and medical specialists' support.

Equally important as the program's learning objectives are the individual learning objectives of each resident. The goal of the PGY3 programs are to offer practical and relevant northern-based training yet, at the same time, maintain flexibility to encourage self-directed learning for well focused and tailored educational opportunities.

NOSM offers advanced skills programs in the following disciplines:








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