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The NOSM Postgraduate Family Medicine (PGFM) program has evolved the curriculum to align with the goals of the Triple C Competency-Based Curriculum (Triple C).  The central concepts of the Triple C that family medicine residency training should be “comprehensive, focused on continuity, and centred in family medicine” (Tannenbaum, Kerr, Konkin, Organek, Parsons, Saucier, Shaw, & Walsh, 2011).  As such, the NOSM PGFM has implemented changes such as:

  • an outcomes-based organization of clinical curriculum;
  • site-specific approach to scheduling clinical experiences; and,
  • revisions to the resident assessment process.

Goals and Objectives

Acute and Critical Care

Behavioural Medicine/Mental Health

Care of Adults

Care of Children and Adolescents

Care of Elderly

Global Health and Care of the Vulnerable and Underserviced

Maternal and Newborn Care

Men's Health Care

Palliative Care

Procedural and Surgical Skills

Professionalism Competencies

Women's Health Care

Faculty Guides

NOSM Family Medicine Faculty Handbook

Domains of Care 

In Training Assessment Reports (ITAR)

Information on Triple C

Triple C Toolkit/Resources

College of Family Physicians of Canada (Video): 
Triple C Competency-based Curriculum: Canada’s Family Medicine Curriculum

For more information on Triple C, contact the CFPC Education Department:

2630 Skymark Avenue
Mississauga, ON L4W 5A4

For more information on the FM Program, please contact:

Ms. Marie Parkkari

Program Coordinator – West


Mr. Joel Leduc

Program Coordinator – East


Dr. Kristy Côté

Education Manager



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