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family medicine - Rural Northern Ontario

Program Overview

The Northern Ontario Rural stream will match residents to communities and experiences of their choice with the majority of training outside of the five other streams. The program will be developed in consultation with successful candidates following match day. Designed to showcase the unique opportunities of the North including small rural, remote, Aboriginal and Francophone communities, this is an opportunity to truly design your own program. The hallmark of this stream will be the unique experiences gained by the resident while meeting program requirements.

Each resident will spend block time with Family Medicine preceptors in the community practice of the preceptor to which the resident is assigned.  Residents participate in all aspects of the practice including provision of continuous care to their own patients within the practice, and participation in the care of all in-hospital patients from the practice.  Residents are encouraged to identify personal goals and work together with their preceptor in attaining them.  

Elective rotations throughout the program provide flexibility and enable residents to tailor their training to meet individual learning objectives not met during the regular core rotations.  Diversity of experience during elective rotations is encouraged and recognized as being extremely valuable.

Selective rotations are offered as an option to increase the curriculum's flexibility in meeting your educational objectives. Preferred locations for selectives are the accepted geographical limits of the program in Northern Ontario. Where it is clearly established that learning objectives may not be met in Northern Ontario, other locations may be approved for selectives.

To apply to NOSM's Rural Northern Ontario stream of the NOSM Family Medicine RoCS program, or to apply to any of the other 5 streams, please visit www.carms.ca.

Contact Information

Dr. Stacy Desilets
Program Director, Family Medicine

Dr. Joel Kroeker
Site Director, Family Medicine Rural Sites

Joseph Michalik
Program Coordinator
NOSM at Lakehead University
Thunder Bay ON P7B 5E1
Tel: (807) 766-7303
Fax: (807) 766-7483
Email: jmichalik@nosm.ca


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