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Welcome to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Section of Anesthesia. The section of Anesthesia has members across a large geographic region, with widely varying practices.  From Family Practice Anesthetists working in small and remote towns, to relatively large departments of FRCPC Anesthesiologists in Sudbury and Thunder Bay. We all strive to provide excellence in anesthesia care to patients across the north, as well as providing distinct, high quality education to medical students, residents and other health care providers. In addition to our clinical and teaching work, members of the Section of Anesthesia are involved in key leadership roles in many of the hospitals and health care organizations across the north. Research at NOSM covers both educational and simulation based research projects as well as clinical trials. Our numerous teaching sites cover the spectrum of distinct and different areas of modern practice of anesthesia. We welcome you to come and visit us, join us for an elective, apply to do your residency in one of the most innovative programs, or consider a faculty position here.   

Dr. Brent Kennedy

Chair, Section of Anesthesia, NOSM

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A Message from Dr. Rob Anderson, Program Director

Dr. Rob Anderson (web)

As you know there are lots of great advantages to being part of this program, including unparalleled clinical exposure, cutting edge education including e-Learning, competency assessment and simulation, and most of all being part of a very close knit group with all the extra attention that brings. We trust that our program will meet your personal learning objectives, and support you in your journey of becoming competent, capable anesthesiologists upon completion of the program. We hope you will consider applying to NOSM's Anesthesiology program, and we look forward to the possibility of working with you.


Anesthesiology Program Coordinator, Sara Cover is Awarded Royal College's Program Administrator Award

Sara Cover

Sara Cover, NOSM's Postgraduate Program Coordinator for the Anesthesiology Program, was recently awarded the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeon​s of Canada's​ (RCPSC)​ 2017 Program Administrator Award for Innovation and Excellence. NOSM's program is the newest Anesthesiology program in Canada, and one of the first programs to transition to the Competence by Design method of education. "Sara’s colleagues praise the work she’s done coordinating all aspects of the creation and implementation of the Anesthesiology program, and has been deemed a leader for ​[program ​administrators] transitioning to competency based education," the RCPSC said, in a recent communication. Sara will present at the Royal College's Program Administrators ​Conference in Quebec City on October 18.


Anesthesiology Resident, Dr. Ken Duncan Investigates Best Pain Management in Knee Replacements

Dr. Ken Duncan (web)

With knees being the largest, most complex joint in the body—and a system under great stress—it’s no wonder that knee replacement surgery is so common. Dr. Ken Duncan, a NOSM third-year anesthesiology resident based at Health Sciences North (HSN) in Sudbury is working with his colleagues in the Anesthesia and General Surgery departments to investigate the best way to support patients going through this painful surgery.

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The Amazing Race Canada Visits HSN

Dr. Rob Anderson Amazing Race (web)

Dr. Rob Anderson, NOSM Anesthesiology Program Director and Medical Lead of the Health Sciences North (HSN) Simulation Lab had a key role in an episode of the popular television show, The Amazing Race Canada, which aired August 12. When the show made a stop in Sudbury, contestants had to perform a CPR challenge at HSN’s Simulation Lab, located at the Sudbury Outpatient Centre.

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