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For Applicants

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine’s (NOSM) mission is to contribute to improving the health of the people and communities of Northern Ontario by advancing the highest quality of medical practice, learning, teaching, research, and professionalism.

NOSM is the Faculty of Medicine of Laurentian University, in Sudbury, and of Lakehead University, in Thunder Bay. With main campuses in Thunder Bay and Sudbury, we have multiple teaching and research sites distributed across Northern Ontario, including in large and small communities.

Our overall vision is innovative education and research for a healthier North. Our aim is to have class profiles which reflect the demographics of the population of Northern Ontario. It is the intention of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine to maximize the recruitment of students who have lived in Northern Ontario and/or students who have a strong interest in and aptitude for practising medicine in Northern urban, rural, and remote communities. We are also committed to recruiting Indigenous, Francophone, and Franco-Ontarian students.

We are looking for highly motivated students from a variety of backgrounds, who are self-directed, who will thrive in a small group-based, distributed learning environment, who have a genuine interest in helping us fulfill our mandate, and who uphold our values.

Essential Skills and Abilities Required for Entry to a Medical Degree Program

To fulfill the MD program requirements, and to avoid serious risk to the health and safety of patients, you must acquire competency in a wide range of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Students in medicine must be able to communicate with patients and colleagues, make observations about patients, gather information, and analyze data in order to arrive at medical judgments.

Applicants who may need accommodation to undertake the Medical Program at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine are advised to review the Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine policy Essential Skills and Abilities Required for Entry to a Medical Degree Program

If you require accommodation during the Admissions process, please contact the Office of Admissions & Learner Recruitment at

Curriculum Information

Communication information technology is essential to the success of our undergraduate medical program. Many of your learning materials are provided through electronic communications, making full use of the wealth of educational resources available.

Whether you are located in the large regional centres of Thunder Bay and Sudbury, or in the smallest, most remote communities, you will have the same access to information and educational resources as you would in a large metropolitan teaching hospital.

Further information on NOSM’s Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) program curriculum and structure can be found on the MD Program webpage.