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Working with Aboriginal Peoples: NOSM Health Sciences Competency and Curriculum Implementation Toolkit

February 2014

The purpose of this toolkit is to continue efforts to articulate the clinical education/practica best practices required to advance and integrate competencies into Health Sciences curriculum that relate to Aboriginal Health and Culture in practice.  

This toolkit includes background information, draft minimum and advanced competencies as well as  training and support materials that can be adapted by Health Sciences preceptors to implement in a northern and rural context and also translate to student experiences and activities within clinical education. This toolkit can also be used by Program Managers in faculty development for preceptors and as a resource for learners.

Toolkit Goals

  • To increase knowledge and understanding of the literature and research around cultural competency (CC) and CC training in the health professions.
  • To assist in planning and developing Aboriginal culture and health competency in NOSM Health Sciences preceptors and learners.
  • To assist in planning and delivering curriculum to support Aboriginal culture and health competency in NOSM Health Science preceptors and learners.

To view and download sections of the toolkit, see the Table of Contents and accompanying links below. The complete toolkit is also available for download. 

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. About this Implementation Toolkit and Toolkit Goals
  3. Overview and Background
    a. Literature Review-Executive Summary
    b. Key Informant Process and Results 
  4. Competencies
    a. Definitions
    b. NOSM Health Sciences Learners and Competencies in Francophone Health and Culture
    c. Goal
    d. Minimum Competencies
    e. Advanced Competency
  5. Resources
    a. CC Readiness Tools and Surveys
    b. Training Opportunities and Resources
  6. Appendix A: Literature Review 
  7. Appendix B: Aboriginal Culture and Health Competence Assessment Framework 
  8. Appendix C: Aboriginal Cultural Competency Checklist
    a. English Word and .pdf versions  (To open the word file, you will need to first save the document.)
  9. Appendix D: Cultural Competence Tools and Surveys
    a. Appendix D1 - Cultural Nutrition Knowledge Test, McArthur et al, 2011
    b. Appendix D2 - PA Cultural Competence PhD Thesis, Gengembre TR, 2006
    c. Appendix D3 - PT Cultural Competence PhD Thesis, Gulas CJ, 2005 
  10. Appendix E: Aboriginal-specific Organizations and Associations in Canada 
  11. Appendix F: Glossary of Terms 



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