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We are a collaborative group of inter-institutional faculty members who hold key educational and clinical leadership roles in enhancing and advancing an interprofessional approach to learning, practice and research in Northern Ontario.

With an emphasis on combining the features of experiential, reflective, and relational learning, NICHE brings health professional learners together from all sectors and levels of education for:

  • Simulation experiences
  • Facilitated online learning modules
  • University and college academic courses with an interprofessional theme
  • Integrated clinical learning experiences
  • Continuing education and professional development opportunities
  • Interprofessional research activities
  • Interprofessional evaluation information and resources

Together, we represent 10 northern institutions and a commitment to the growth of interprofessional learning opportunities. We are doing our part to build communication and teamwork skills in our learners with the shared goal of improving collaboration within the health care system and, ultimately the health outcomes for northern patients.

We embrace a common vision for growth, defined by:

  • Changing the culture such that interprofessional learning and experience of interprofessional practice are accepted features of health-care education
  • Meeting public expectations for team-based care
  • Sustaining integrated teams in practice
  • Seeking external engagement with agencies and institutions
  • Fostering scholarly research about interprofessional learning and practice in Northern Ontario