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Interprofessional Education

The Health Sciences and Interprofessional Education (HS and IPE) Unit is delighted to welcome learners in clinical nutrition, occupational and physical therapy, speech language pathology and audiology, and physician assistant programs. The program offers a wide range of incredible clinical learning experiences that offer interesting and varied case loads in a hands-on learning environment. Learners will gain valuable insight into the uniqueness of health issues and health services in the North and experience the adventures of Northern Ontario’s culture and geography.

Northern placements offer opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration in a wide range of practice settings. The knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that underlie interprofessional learning and practice are particularly applicable to Northern practice. Here, complex health issues require the multiple perspectives offered when different professionals work together and put the full scope of everyone’s professional skills to good use, individually and collectively. Interprofessional learning is a very important part of clinical education in the North.

HS and IPE faculty and staff work closely with talented and enthusiastic preceptors across the North. Learners work closely with these wonderful preceptors, who provide guidance and regular feedback, and often link learners with community activities. We acknowledge with our deepest thanks and gratitude, the many preceptors who support and guide our learners as they prepare to enter practice.

Of course, we hope to attract many of you back as practitioners! Welcome to your Northern adventure!