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Welcome to the new NOSM Electives Catalogue!

After months of preparation and several preceptor surveys, the NOSM Electives Catalogue is now ready for launch! The Electives Catalogue will assist NOSM, Canadian and International medical learners in selecting clinical elective opportunities in Northern Ontario. 

With over 70 NOSM communities and 1,300 clinical faculty caring for a population of over 805,250 citizens spread across 800,000 square kilometers, we are confident that the distributed nature of our teaching programs will provide learners with unique educational opportunities. Each site provides intensive on-site training with patients who are truly thankful for the medical care they receive.

We encourage medical students and residents to choose electives based on their level of training, discipline(s) of choice, and/or communities of interest. To ensure students are able to find opportunities that meet their needs, the catalogue lists Aboriginal- and Francophone-identified practices or communities, hyperlinks to community information sites, Google maps to determine distances between the learners’ home school and the Elective placement location, and much more.

Many individuals participated in this project: clinical teachers who completed the surveys, communities that provided information relating to the size and scope of medical facilities, and NOSM Program Directors who compiled goals and learning objectives for various discipline rotations. We thank all of our contributors for helping us ensure students can make informed decisions about their electives.
Last but not least, several administrative staff worked diligently to amass and enter the information, develop the catalogue format, and correspond with physicians. I’d like to recognize the following individuals for their efforts:

Mr. Charles Lemieux – Consultant
Ms. Julia Celestini – Clinical Placement Coordinator, NOSM
Mr. Kian Connor-Madjedi and  Ms. Sherry Tremblay – Students
NOSM AIMS Group (Technical Support)

Although the NOSM Electives Catalogue has long been anticipated as a resource for our learners, the task is not 100% complete until we can fully populate the entries for each and every elective available in Northern Ontario. As such, I extend an invitation to all clinical faculty to submit their information if your elective opportunity is not listed within the catalogue. It will expand their choices and continue to improve the elective opportunities in Northern Ontario!

For further information, please contact:

Angèle Gladu
Manager, Clinical Placements
Phone: 705-662-7119
Fax: 705-662-6913
Email: agladu@nosm.ca


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