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NOSM U Student Council Welcome Letter

To: NOSM U Class of 2028

From: Cassandra Fenlon, NOSMUSC President and Ryan Boudreau, NOSMUSC VP Finance Sr.

Congratulations Class of 2028! Félicitations Classe de 2028!

Welcome to NOSM University! On behalf of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University Student Council (NOSMUSC), we would like to congratulate you on your offer of admission to the Undergraduate Medical Education Program. This is an incredible accomplishment. We are thrilled to welcome all of you and introduce you to the NOSM U Community.

Bienvenue à l’Université EMNO! Le conseille d’étudiant de ‘Université de l’École de médecine du Nord de l’Ontario (NOSMUSC) aimerait vous féliciter pour votre offre d’admission au programme de médecine. On est fière de pouvoir vous accueillir à l’UEMNO.

Who is the NOSMUSC and what do we do?

Established in 2005, the NOSMUSC is a non-for-profit corporation that functions as the representative body of all NOSMU undergraduate medical students. In our short history, we have established our organization’s governance, our constitution and administrative structure with over 25 student positions. We have successfully advocated for improvements to the NOSMU academic experience, whilst promoting a collegial and social atmosphere for all students. We are also members of both the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) and the Ontario Medical Students Association (OMSA). As NOSM University evolves we too are looking to adapt and meet the needs of our growing student body. The NOSMUSC relies upon students to both organize and fund the countless initiatives it undertakes.

Établi en 2005, le NOSMUSC est une corporation sans-profit qui fonctionnent comme représentant pour les élèves du programme médical à l’UEMNO. Durant notre temps comme organisation, nous avons établi notre gouvernance, notre constitution, et notre structure d’administration avec aux déçu de 25 positions. Nous sommes membre de l’association des étudiants(es) en médecine du Canada (FÉMC) et l’association des étudiants(es) de médecine de l’Ontario (AMÉO). Notre rôle est de promouvoir les initiatives des élèves et de leurs supporter à travers leurs études.

Some of the biggest initiatives the NOSMUSC delivers are:

  • Orientation Week and Buddy Events – This represents your welcome to Medical School and aims to get the first and second years together throughout the school year!
  • Student Travel Fund – This $40,000 fund provides financial support for travel related to conferences, covering up to 70% of domestic and 50% of international travel costs.
  • Interest Groups – The NOSMUSC funds 30+ Interest Groups ranging from Anesthesia to Wilderness Medicine and everything in between. These groups put on endless events that provide exceptional learning and networking opportunities. Be sure to check out your campus events, virtual events and skills nights!
  • CFMS and Lobby Days – Available to you as a member of the NOSMUSC, you are given the opportunity to attend national meetings as well as advocate for the changes you want to see through the National Day of Action and Lobby Days.
  • Phase-Specific Initiatives – No matter what year you are in, there are specific initiatives geared towards you; Winter Formal, Academic Week, Match Day, CaRMS Prep, Graduation and many more to help make your time at NOSMU special.
  • Global Health, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, Learner Wellness – These committees advocate for improvements in their specific area of interest, with a particular emphasis on NOSMU’s Social Accountability Mandate. They are responsible for planning and hosting events that are of interest to students, increasing accessibility to education on specific topics and in making students’ experience at NOSMU more enjoyable.
  • Student Advocacy – Beyond events, the NOSMUSC is also a great opportunity to get involved in student governance and organizations such as the CFMS and OMSA.
  • Student Representation – The NOSMUSC is responsible for advocating for the needs of all students and provides elected student representation on NOSMU committees, ensuring the student voice is heard when changes are being made at NOSMU.

Student Fees

The NOSMUSC is run by students, and funded by students. Your support and funding allows us to serve you. In order for you to access all of the benefits the NOSMUSC provides, NOSM U will collect the NOSMUSC Student Dues along with your tuition.

Your student dues include:
CFMS Membership Dues ($100): As the NOSMUSC is a member of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), $100 from the amount collected in your student dues will be used to pay your CFMS Membership Dues in order for you to become personally enrolled in the CFMS ($25 x 4 years). The CFMS is responsible for advocating for students at a national level and also provides students with discounts on things like travel, as well as opportunities to get involved in countless student positions.

NOSMUSC Administration Fee ($29.89): This fee is collected from all NOSMU students, including the Northern Ontario Dietetic Internship Program and Graduate Studies students, and used to cover administrative costs.

NOSMUSC Executive Portfolio Fee ($135.11): These funds contribute directly to the various aforementioned initiatives designed and delivered to NOSMU medical students.

Health Benefits Program ($552.73): The NOSMUSC provides health benefits to all students. This provides students with access to coverage for dental, eyecare, pharmacy and other health care services.

In total, NOSM U will collect $817.73 from you upon payment of your tuition.

NOSM U’s Orientation Week

The NOSMUSC is already actively involved in preparations for your arrival in September, to ensure that your first week at NOSM U will be an unforgettable experience. The Student Orientation Week Committee (SOWC) is made up of students entering second year who will guide you through your orientation week and ensure you get to discover NOSM U, your home campuses, and the community! While participating in the organized activities and social events, you will have opportunities to get to know your fellow classmates, meet NOSM U faculty, and learn more about what your life will be like as a NOSM U student! Some of the activities will include: unique ways to discover your main campus, evening entertainment, games and team activities, as well as informal sessions with upper-year students who will offer candid advice about navigating the curriculum and life as a medical student.

Additionally, if you are interested, there are many opportunities for you to get involved with the NOSMUSC. Visit our website for more information!

Once again, congratulations on your offer of admission to Canada’s newest and most innovative stand-alone medical university. You are now a part of the NOSM U family! You can contact us at any time with any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate if we can be of any help.

Encore, félicitation pour votre offre d’admission à l’UEMNO. Nous sommes très heureux de vous accueillir! Nésite pas de nous contacter si vous avez des questions, on est ici pour aider durant votre éducation à l’UEMNO.

Enjoy your summer (you deserve it after all your hard work!) and see you in the Fall! // On vous souhaite un bon été et on se voit en septembre!

Cassandra Fenlon

NOSMUSC President

Ryan Boudreau

NOSMUSC VP Finance Sr.