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Welcome from the Faculty Development medical Director

NOSM's unique and distributed campus has inspired a creative approach to faculty development at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. The annual Northern Constellations Faculty Development Conference welcomes faculty from across Northern Ontario for a two day conference that offers a wide variety of innovative and interactive workshops planned to meet the learning needs of each individual faculty member. These workshops give faculty multiple forums to share experiences and challenges along with opportunities to improve specific skills in the areas teaching and preceptoring, educational and administrative leadership, along with scholarly and research activities.

In addition to the Northern Constellations Conference, self-directed online learning modules and Problem Based Small Group Learning Modules (PBSGL-ED) are accessible to all faculty, in all communities, as the need arises. Collaboration with the Postgraduate Medical Education, Undergraduate Medical Education, Research  and Community Engagement Portfolios ensures that the needs identified in the NOSM community are met with effective faculty development programming.

Biography of Faculty Development Medical Director 


James Goertzen – MD, CCFP, Assistant Dean, Continuing Education and Professional Development

Dr. Goertzen has over 30 years of experience as a medical educator and faculty developer, while at the same time practicing family medicine in Thunder Bay. His personal vision as a medical educator is to engage and assist faculty in their further development as educators, scholars, and leaders, and has himself demonstrated a life-long commitment to learning and teaching. His scholarly activities include over 375 academic presentations and over 30 peer reviewed publications, including extensive experience in medical education research.

Instrumental in creating NOSM’s Northern Constellations faculty development conference, Dr. Goertzen is now organizing the fifth annual conference to take place on April 8-9, 2016 in Thunder Bay. While medical schools are often challenged to bring faculty together for a conference, his vision is to bring NOSM’s clinical, medical, and human faculty together each year to participate in interactive workshops and plenary sessions and to allow for face-to-face networking and collaboration.

As NOSM’s Medical Director of Faculty Development, Dr. Goertzen is familiar with the Continuing Medical Education (CME) accreditation process. His experience in this area will be particularly important in October 2016 when NOSM hosts a site visit of surveyors representing CACME. Over the next year, CEPD will undergo significant reflection in order to complete the pre-survey questionnaire and will invite members of the NOSM community to provide input in the very near future.

Dr. Goertzen was awarded the 2013 Ian McWhinney Family Medicine Education Award. This award is presented by the College of Family Physicians of Canada to an outstanding family medicine teacher who has made unique and innovation contributions which have had a significant impact on the development of family medicine education in Canada.


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