Remote Work

Notice of Changes

Once the application has been approved, any changes to the program are subject to approval by the CEPD Office.  Approval will be revoked should any such changes not meet with CEPD standards.  

Where any of the following changes to approved programs are unavoidable, the applicant must notify the CEPD Office, by completing the application amendment form, (note that changes will be reviewed and you will be advised of applicable review fees or the possible need to submit a new application): 

  • Changes or events that impair the applicant’s ability to meet accreditation requirements
  • Loss of status of any of the committee members
  • Change in commercial sponsorship
  • Change to the contents of the application
  • Change to contact information
  • Change to the committee membership 

Change beyond the control of the applicant Application Process

Terminations / Suspension / Revocation

Trusted relationships with educational partners are based on an honour system that presumes that all applications are submitted with full disclosure and to the best of the applicant’s ability.  Approval of applications may be terminated, revoked or suspended, should it be determined that information or events were withheld or misrepresented and / or that the applicant failed to comply with CEPD accreditation policies and procedures.     

Suspended applicants must immediately cease promotion of the event and its association with the CEPD Office.  

In order to apply for reinstatement, the suspended applicant must be able to demonstrate correction of any areas of concern and the ability to adhere to the required programming standards.