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Faculty Promotion Application and Information

If you are currently a NOSM faculty member and would like to be considered for academic rank promotion click on the Promotion Instructions document below.

Faculty Promotions

NOSM Joint and Stipendiary Faculty Promotions Committee

Promotion Application and Instructions  

Promotion How to Guide | A Quick Reference Guide for Clinical Faculty

NOSM Policy and Procedures Governing Joint and Stipendiary Faculty Promotions

Joint and Stipendiary Faculty Appeal Procedure

NOSM Contributions Dossier

NOSM Acronyms, Session and Module Description

NOSM Curriculum Vitae

Frequently Asked Questions

Bestowment of the Honorarius Title

NOSM Professor or Associate Professor Honorarius Policy

Application for Professor OR Associate Professor Honorarius

For further inquiries, please email divclinsci@nosm.ca.  

Lists of faculty members can be found by clicking on the "Faculty by Rank" in the menu on the right.


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