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Crazy Socks for NOSM Docs – Amplifying Faculty Wellness

Hello, Bonjour, Aanii NOSM Faculty Member,

I am thrilled to bring you “Crazy Socks for NOSM Docs”.   In purchasing these socks, I hope that you will help us improve mental health awareness amongst Faculty Members at NOSM.  Wearing these socks, demonstrates our commitment that no one with mental health issues walks alone.  These past few months have been challenging for us all and I believe it is important that we create a network of support and inclusivity. We are stronger together.

By making a gift of $20 or more, you will receive a pair of Crazy Socks for NOSM Docs and help us develop programming and support specifically for faculty at NOSM.

You’ve got this and we’ve got you!

Dr. Sarah McIsaac
Medical Director, Faculty Development