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Photo of youth practicing health care on a mannequin with the CampMed logo.

Did you go to summer camp when you were young? Do you remember the excitement of learning something new and meeting new friends during your summer break? Since 2005 NOSM has been offering summer science camps for youth to learn about career opportunities in health care.

By contributing to Camp Med, you will help youth participate in a life-changing summer camp experience. CampMed is open to all Northern Ontario youth entering grades 10 and 11. These youth will get hands-on experience in casting, simulation training with high tech teaching equipment, work through a mock crime scene investigation and more.

Your donation will ensure all youth—regardless of where they live—have an equal opportunity to join us at CampMed. We want youth living in rural and remote areas of Northern Ontario to join us at camp in either Sudbury or Thunder Bay, but the rising cost of travel, together with the registration fees, may be prohibitive. Your gift can help offer a high school student—potentially from your community—the opportunity to learn about health-care careers that are within their reach, right here in the North!

Unfortunately, many families can’t afford to send their teens to camp, despite their interest.  This is where you can help provide the opportunity of a lifetime!

  • A donation of $200 will cover the costs of the camp enrollment fee.
  • A donation of $1,500 will cover the costs of the camp enrollment fee and accommodations.
  • A donation of $2,500* will cover the costs of the camp enrollment, accommodations and travel for students who must travel outside of their home town to attend the camps.


It really excites me to know that I am helping plant the seed for a young person to become more engaged in post secondary education, as well as health care.  I am hopeful that through my support I will one day see that teen in a health-care setting caring for my friends and family.”

George Doig is a proud supporter of CampMed.

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Véronique Poirier recommends a donation to CampMed: “CampMed provides sessions in casting, simulation training with high-tech teaching equipment, working through a mock crime-scene investigation, and more.  Your gift can give more students the opportunity to learn about health care in the North.”

*Campers traveling from communities outside of Thunder Bay and Sudbury are responsible to fund their own travel as well as accommodations during the week of camp. Travel and accommodations costs for an out of town camper can range anywhere from $900 up to around $2,300 for those traveling from more remote communities.