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Supporting the Northern Ontario School of Medicine opens a world of possibilities.  Donations make learning, researching and practicing medicine in Northern Ontario possible.  Make a difference is the Health of Northern Ontario by making your gift today.


Student Awards

Awards created by donor’s generosity are an essential part of realizing our student’s dreams.  They allow our students to concentrate on their studies and give them the confidence they need to succeed.

Learn more about creating a named award here or visit our list of donor funded awards.

Library Endowment Fund

The Library Endowment Fund supports the purchase of resources that are indispensable to the education of our students.  Library support is essential to ensuring that our faculty and students have access to the most relevant and current health resources possible as well as the rapidly growing volume of research evidence. The rapidity of medical publishing, and the corresponding impact to treatment, makes the currency and access to quality information paramount to health care.

You can double the impact of your gift to the Library Endowment Fund! Read Ken Boshcoff’s story to learn how.

If you would like to support library programming of facilities, please contact the Advancement team so we can assist you in making an impact at NOSM.  To learn about our library’s services please visit the library website.


Research at NOSM is reflective of the School’s mandate to be socially accountable to the diverse cultures of Northern Ontario, tackling important questions related to improving the health of the people of Northern Ontario. Research by our faculty and students covers a breadth of topics in clinical, community and population health, biomedical sciences, environmental health, health education and health services.

When you support research at NOSM, you make remarkable health discoveries possible and help our researchers solve today’s most crucial health challenges in Northern Ontario.

For more information on supporting research at NOSM visit the research section of the website here or contact the Advancement team.

Lab Equipment Fund

Advances in technology make the Lab Equipment Fund indispensable to the work our students and researchers accomplish at NOSM.  The fund support the purchase of new equipment as well as replacement, repair and upkeep costs of large and small equipment for our research and clinical skills labs.  Your donation can ensure that our learners and researchers have what they need to make an impact in the health of Northern Ontarians, Canadians and the world.

Examples of equipment needed at NOSM are:

Fluorescence Associated Cell Sorter (FACS)  
FACS can differentiate and separate different types of cells (autoimmune cells, neurotransmitter cells). This equipment would allow researchers to separate cells linked to certain diseases (for example MS) and test how they would react with a certain drug in a controlled environment. The cost is $210,000 of which $150,000 is tentatively secured.

Slit Lamp
Slit lamps are used to identify retinal detachment, open globe, foreign objects, abnormalities, increased intracranial pressure, and hemorrhages.  This equipment is often used in emergency medicine and it’s necessary at NOSM so that we can properly train our students how to use them.  The cost is $20,000.


Did you go to summer camp when you were young? Do you remember the excitement of learning something new and meeting new friends during your summer break?

Since 2005 NOSM has been offering summer science camps for teens going into grades 10 and 11 to learn about career opportunities in health care.   The week long camp provides sessions in casting, crime scene investigation, simulation training with high tech teaching equipment and much more.

Unfortunately, many families can’t afford to send their teens to camp, despite their interest.  This is where you can help!

A donation of $400 will cover the costs of the camp enrollment fee and provide the opportunity of a lifetime.

A donation of $1,400 will cover the costs of the camp enrollment fee and accommodations.

A donation of $2,000* will cover the costs of the camp enrollment, accommodations and travel for students who must travel outside of their home town to attend the camps.

It really excites me to know that I am helping plant the seed for a young person to become more engaged in post secondary education as well as health care.  I am hopeful that through my support I will one day see that teen in a health care setting caring for my friends and family.”

George Doig, has been sponsoring a teen to attend the camp for the past 3 years.

Find out more about CampMed.

*Campers traveling from communities outside of Thunder Bay and Sudbury are responsible to fund their own travel as well as accommodations during the week of camp. Travel and accommodations costs for an out of town camper can range anywhere from $900 up to around $2,300 for those traveling from more remote communities.

The NOSM Priority Fund

The Priority Fund supports most pressing needs of the school as well as to take advantage of matching fund opportunities that may present themselves in the near future.

Every gift and every donor is unique. The Advancement Team works with you to ensure that your gift is having the impact that is important to you.  Contact us to hear about unique giving opportunities and how you can make a difference.

The Advancement unit would be happy to come and speak to individuals or groups who are interested in supporting NOSM. Our team travels throughout the region providing information and details on what we are all about.

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