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Medical School Launches Library Endowment Fund

Last week, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) launched its Library Endowment Fund Campaign in support of the School’s Health Sciences Library. The launch took place in both Sudbury and Thunder Bay at the “I   NOSM” Open House, where more than 200 community members, alumni, students, residents, staff, faculty, donors, potential applicants, and partners visited NOSM. The Endowment Fund was established to offset the rising costs of the ​School's Health Sciences Library. (Watch the video of the Launch in Sudbury on NOSM’s Facebook page.)
Each year, NOSM is involved in the education of more than 900 learners who are becoming doctors, dietitians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, audiologists, speech language pathologists, and physician assistants. These learners are distributed across more than 90 communities in Northern Ontario, taught by more than 1,400 faculty members. NOSM’s Health Sciences Library serves as an important resource to these learners and faculty, who need the most up-to-date health resources for their learning and their practice.
“When I went to medical school, there was no such thing as HIV, AIDS, Ebola, or the Zika virus,” says Dr. Richard Denton, NOSM Associate Professor of Family Medicine, retired family physician, previous mayor of Kirkland Lake, and Library Endowment Fund donor. “New diseases and advanced treatments to existing diseases are being published every day. NOSM’s Health Sciences Library helps keep Northern Ontario physicians and their learners up-to-date on the information they need to serve their patients and community.”
In order to support these learners and faculty across the North, the Health Sciences Library provides electronic access to the School’s collection across NOSM’s wider campus of Northern Ontario.
“As long as students and faculty have access to the internet, they have access to educational resources and information as if they are in a big city teaching hospital, thanks to NOSM’s Health Sciences Library,” says Dr. Roger Strasser, NOSM Dean. “This means that when you receive treatment from a NOSM faculty member and their students, you can be confident that your care is informed by the most recent medical research and guidelines.”
All Northern Ontarians are invited to donate to NOSM’s Health Sciences Library Endowment Fund. An investment in the Endowment Fund is an investment in patient care. Visit nosm.ca/donate to support high-quality care in the North.
Photo Caption: Dr. Roger Strasser, NOSM Dean, launches the Library Endowment Fund at the “I ♥ NOSM” Open House last week.

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The Northern Ontario School of Medicine is committed to the education of high quality physicians and health professionals, and to international recognition as a leader in distributed, learning-centered, community-engaged education and research. 

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