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Have a Heart-to-Heart with your Medical School!

During the month of February, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) invites all community members to have a heart-to-heart with the medical school made in the North, for the North. As part of NOSM's tenth anniversary, the medical school is opening its doors and inviting the public to come and learn about your medical school. There will be refreshments, and it is free to everyone!


At the "I <3 NOSM" Open House, guests will be able to:

  • Try out medical equipment, such as laparoscopic scopes.
  • Engage in activities about medical simulation and clinical skills, just like a medical student.
  • Learn about how NOSM is accountable to the needs of the people of the North.
  • See where ground-breaking health research takes place. 
  • Engage in guided or self-guided tours of the medical school.
  • Learn about the requirements for getting into medical school.
  • Hear about how NOSM contributes to the community.
  • View an optional screening of a documentary made about NOSM by Dr. Hoi Cheu, Associate Professor at Laurentian University.


"I <3 NOSM" Open House

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Stop in any time between 3:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.



NOSM School of Medicine Building
Laurentian University
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, ON

     Thunder Bay

NOSM School of Medicine Building
Lakehead University
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON


                                                                      – 30 – 

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine is committed to the education of high quality physicians and health professionals, and to international recognition as a leader in distributed, learning-centered, community-engaged education and research. 

Kimberley Larkin
Communications Officer
Phone: 705-662-7243
Email: klarkin@nosm.ca 


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