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First Collective Agreement Reached for Medical School Faculty

 Earlier today, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine’s Faculty Association (NOSMFA) announced that a first collective agreement has been ratified by the School’s Board of Directors and the Association’s members."We were delighted to bring this agreement to our members. Their support throughout the bargaining process has been essential and we believe the agreement addresses their priorities and concerns," said NOSMFA President Dr. Brian Ross.

The agreement was reached following nine months of collegial negotiations. The agreement is for two years and sets out the terms and conditions for the Faculty Association bargaining unit, which was certified in January of 2006. The Unit’s membership consists of all full-time faculty, professional librarians, curriculum instructional designers and student affairs officers employed by the NOSM.
Founding Dean Dr. Roger Strasser and NOSM’s Board of Directors are supportive of the collective agreement. “This agreement will benefit all parties. It will allow NOSM to continue to recruit and retain superior professional staff and faculty across Northern Ontario,” said Dr. Strasser. He added, “We look forward to working with the Faculty Association to ensure a fair and respectful work environment is enjoyed by all members.”

Both sides now begin the process of implementing the two year agreement.

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