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ICEMEN/Muster Conference Series

ICEMEN was first held in Sudbury and Thunder Bay, Ontario in 2008 through a partnership between NOSM and Flinders. This international partnership continued with The Muster in the Barossa Valley, Australia in 2010; Rendez-Vous in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in 2012; and, The Muster at Uluru, Australia in 2014.

We acknowledge previous partners for their vital contributions to these conferences including: James Cook University, the Federation of Rural Australian Medical Education, the Consortium of Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship, the WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice, and The Network Towards Unity for Health.

Growing in breadth and depth—and in personal, professional, and organizational impact—the ICEMEN and Muster series of conferences are not to be missed!

ICEMEN 2016 - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

Muster 2014 - Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

Rendez-Vous 2012 - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Muster 2010 - Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia

ICEMEN 2008 - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Recruit and Retain

Canadian Recruit and Retain Conference Report (2014)


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