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Gift Guidelines

The Health Sciences Library of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) welcomes gifts, as they are an important means of building the Library’s collection.  The Library adheres to the protocols and procedures established by NOSM’s Advancement Office and Revenue Canada. 

A gift can be a book, journal or other resource that is given to the Library at no charge; a gift may also be a monetary donation to be used towards the purchase of library materials. 

For assistance, please contact askthelibrary@nosm.ca.


  1. Donors will be expected to deliver the gifts at their own expense. 
  2. Gift Approval Form must be completed by the donor. 


  1. The Library reserves the right to accept any gift according to the following criteria: 
  • Books, Government Documents and Multimedia:  The primary reason for incorporating books, government documents or multimedia into the collection is that such resources will likely be of use to the teaching / research activities of current or future users.  Textbooks and titles in poor repair are not usually selected for the collection.   
  • Journals:  The same criteria as outlined above apply to journals.  All journals accepted for the collection must be indexed in a recognized indexing or abstracting resource.  The Library will normally not accept as a gift a broken run of a journal, a run that covers less than five years, or any journal that is not currently subscribed to, unless the donor is prepared to continue the donation for at least five years. 

      2. Once gifts are accepted for the collection, the Library may dispose of the materials when and as they see fit. 


  1. Gifts, once selected for the collection, shall be integrated into the work-flow for new acquisitions. 
  2. Because the personnel, supplies and related costs associated with processing of most donations far exceed the intrinsic value of the materials themselves, the Library will not commit itself to catalogue any particular donation within a specific time period unless specific funds accompany a donated collection to offset such expenditures. 
  3. The location and shelving of donated titles follows standard library classification practices and thereby precludes all bequests that require donations to be housed separately or to be shelved as a unit regardless of subject matter. 

Income Tax Receipts: 

  1. Donors may request a receipt for income tax purposes at the time of donation, by specifying this on the Gift Approval Form.   
  2. The tax receipt will be issued by NOSM’s Advancement Office for total appraised values of $20 or more.  
  3. Material will be evaluated in such a way that the Library can defend itself to Revenue Canada.  Those who wish to expedite evaluations can supply the Library with documented proof of the value of their gifts; the cost of such proof to be borne by the donor.  Documented proof is a formal appraisal done by a person recognized by Revenue Canada as an expert evaluator.  No value can be given to material that the Library normally receives free of charge or on deposit; no value can be given to material clearly marked as “complimentary” or “for office use”.   
  4. An in-house appraisal of a donation, valued at less than $1,000, is based on fair market value and the value quoted is final.   
  5. For items valued at $1,000 or more, an external appraisal must be arranged, and paid for, by the donor.  The Library reserves the right to reject an external appraisal it judges to be unqualified. 
  6. The Library will keep lists, by year and by donor, of its assessments.  Such lists shall be signed by the Librarian designate on each campus, and shall be retained for a minimum of six years. 

 Library Gift Approval Form  

 Library Gift Guidelines 


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