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How can I access and search E-Reserves?

E-Reserves can be found here.

E-Reserves can be searched by the module coordinator's name, or by module number. Students can also find a list of module resources in the curriculum viewer. 

Where can I find the print reserves in the library?

On both NOSM campuses, reserve materials are kept on the library shelves labelled Reserves. Items can be used in the library without having to check the item out. 

What are the loan periods for reserve materials?

Articles = 2 hours
Books = 4 hours
DVDs/Videos = One day

If an item is taken out shortly before closing, the item can be kept overnight without penalty. For example, an item with a 4-hour loan period can be kept overnight if checked out less than 4 hours before library closing. These materials MUST be returned to the library within one hour of opening the next day or late charges will apply.

How many reserve items can I take out at once?

Because our collection is small and demand is high, students are limited to three reserve items at once.

Can I renew reserve materials?

Yes. All reserve items can be renewed ONE time. Students cannot renew reserves online; library staff must renew the item for you.

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