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Terms of Reference

Revised version v.3.1 - October 20, 2014 (Lakehead U) 

A Joint Senate Committee for NOSM “JSC” has been duly constituted by both Senates to review all academic recommendations from the Academic Council and make recommendations to both Senates for their approval.

The Terms of Reference for this Committee are:

1. The Chair will be elected annually by the Committee from among voting members at the first meeting of each academic year.

2. The Committee may meet by video and/or audio conference.

3. A minimum of seven (7) days’ notice shall be given for all meetings except that a meeting may be held at any time without due notice if all members of the Committee are able to be present and/or consent thereto.

4. The Committee will review only proposals approved by the Academic Council for NOSM.

5. The Committee will be able to consult as necessary.

6. The Committee will be able to recommend acceptance of proposals it has reviewed to the Senates of both Lakehead and Laurentian Universities.

7. The Secretary to the Academic Council will be the Secretary to the Joint Senate Committee and provide administration assistance for this committee.

8. Any recommendation that the Committee makes must go to both Senates and must be the same for both.

9. Rejection or referral back of a Committee recommendation by either Senate will be deemed rejection or referral back by both Senates.

10. Any recommendation rejected or referred back to the Committee that is subsequently revised must go back to both Senates

11. Each university will select six (6) voting members for the Joint Senate Committee for NOSM.

Laurentian Composition

1 Vice-President Academic and Provost *
1 representative from NOSM
3 faculty members
1 NOSM Student from an Association representing NOSM Students
Secretary of Senate (non-voting)

Lakehead Composition

1 Provost and Vice President (Academic) *
1 Chair or delegate from the Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee (appointed for the year by SUSC, if different from the chair)
1 Faculty Senator elected by Lakehead Senate (3 year term)
1 Faculty member, recommended to Senate through the Senate Nominating Committee (3 year term)
1 individual from Lakehead University with expertise in a health related area, elected by Lakehead Senate. The individual may qualify through a teaching or research specialization (3 year term)
1 student selected by the Lakehead University Student Union
Secretary of Senate (non-voting)

*If the Provost & Vice President (Academic) is absent, the Deputy Provost or designate may attend meetings as a voting member [if applicable]

12. A non-voting representative from NOSM will sit on the Committee to assist, appointed by the Dean of the Medical School.

13. A quorum for the transaction of business at a Joint Senate Committee meeting shall be 50 % plus one member (7 of 12) or a simple majority of the filled positions.

14. A member who is absent from a scheduled committee meeting more than three (3) times per academic year will have his or her membership on the committee automatically terminated unless determined otherwise by the Chair.

15. The JSC will establish a subcommittee to hear Appeals, consisting of three (3) members, the Chair or designate plus two voting members from the Joint Senate Committee, to review the decision of the Academic Council Appeals Committee


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