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Joint Senate Committee for NOSM
Chair: Dr. Celine Lariviere (2017-2018)    
Lakehead Members: Members  Term Length
Provost and Vice-President Academic  Dr. Nancy Luckai (designate)  Ex-officio            
Chair or a delegate from the Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee 
(appointed for the year by USC, if different from the chair) 
Dr. Rachel Warburton Ex-officio 
One student selected by the Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU)  Niharika Shah 2017-2018
One Faculty member  Dr. Paolo Sanzo
One faculty member who is a Senator elected by Senate  Dr. Eltayeb Mohamedelhassan
2017 - 2018"
One individual from Lakehead University with expertise in a health related 
area, elected by Lakehead Senate. (This individual may qualify through a 
teaching or research specialization.) 
Dr. Sabah Mohammed  2015-2018
NOSM Appointment (non-voting)   Dr. Penny Moody-Corbett Ex-officio
Secretary of Senate (non-voting) Ms. Barbara H. Eccles, Legal Counsel and University Secretary   Ex-officio
Laurentian Members:     
Vice-President, Academic and Provost   Dr.  Celine Lariviere (designate) Ex-officio
One representative from NOSM  Dr. David Marsh 2015-2018
Three Faculty Members  Dr. Abdel Omri  2015-2018
  Dr. Mazen Saleh  2015-2018
One NOSM student  Benoit Lafleur 2017-2018
Secretary of Senate (non-voting)  Diane Roy, Interim Secrétaire géréral-Registrar   Ex-officio

" Updated: October 17, 2017 - Lakehead University Senate Office


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