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Academic Council

The Constitution of NOSM Academic Council states the term of office shall be three academic years. Vacancies that occur during the term of an elected representative shall be filled by special elections. A representative elected to fill the vacancy of a member shall hold office for the remaining term of that member.

Chair and Vice-Chair

  • Dr. Roger Strasser, Chair
  • Vacant, Vice-Chair


  1. Ex-Officio: The following persons who are members of the Council by reasons of their office: 

the Vice President (Academic) of Lakehead University           
Dr. Moira McPherson 

the Vice President (Academic) of Laurentian University  
            Dr. Robert Kerr 

the Dean  
            Dr. Roger Strasser 

the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education 
            Dr. Lisa Graves 

the Associate Dean Postgraduate Education 
            Dr. Maureen Topps 

the Associate Dean Continuing Health Professional Education 
            Sue Berry (interim) 

the Associate Dean Research 
            Dr. Greg Ross 

the Associate Dean Faculty Affairs 
            Dr. William ‘Bill’ McCready 

the Assistant Dean of Admissions 
            Dr. Blair Schoales 

the Heads of the Academic Divisions 
            Dr. Garry Ferroni (Medical Sciences)  & (Human Sciences) 
            Dr. Janice Willett (Clinical Sciences) 

the Chair(s) of Standing Committees or designate [1] 
            Admissions Committee – Dr. Blair Schoales
ppeals Committee - vacant
EPD Committee – Kim Ferris
Nominations Committee – Dr. Jacques Abourbih 
            Health Sciences Library Users Committee – Patty Fink
PGE Committee – Dr. Maureen Topps 
            Promotions and Tenure Committee – Dr. Pat Smith 
            Research Committee - Dr. Greg Ross 
            Steering Committee – Dr. Roger Strasser 
            UME Committee – Dr. Brian Ross 
            SAP Committee (sub of UMEC) – Dr. Stacey Ritz 


  • Elected 
  • Four (4) members from the Human Sciences Division,  

    Kristen Jacklin                              Vacant – coming soon 

    Marion Maar                                 Vacant – coming soon 


      1. Four (4) members from the Medical Sciences Division,  

           Dr. Stacey Ritz                                  Dr. TC Tai  

           Dr. Neelam Khaper                            Dr. Brian Ross  



     Twelve (12) members from the Clinical Sciences Division,  

    Dr. Sarah Newbery                             Dr. PJ Pace  

    Dr. William Anderson                          Dr. Jacques Abourbih  

    Dr. Len Kelly                                       Dr. Andre Roch  

    Dr. Ranjit Baboolal                              Dr. Chris Kupsh  

    Dr. William Hettenhaussen                 Vacant – coming soon 

    Vacant – coming soon                       Vacant – coming soon 


     Two (2) Aboriginal Academics, [2] 

    Vacant – coming soon                     Vacant – coming soon 


  • Four (4) Francophone Academics [3] 
  • Vacant – coming soon                     Vacant – coming soon 

     Vacant – coming soon                     Vacant – coming soon 

    Four (4) undergraduate students, two (2)  elected from  year 1 and two (2) elected from  year 3 Kiersten Parr                                     Robert Newman 
    Travis Webster                                  Phil Evans   


  • Two (2) postgraduate trainees  
  • Stephen Poirier                                   Vacant – coming soon 


     One (1) dietetic intern 
    Vacant – coming soon                      

    [1] The Standing Committees are charged with the selection of the committee Chair and Vice Chair; in situations where the elected Chair does not hold a position on Council, they are by virtue of being a Committee Chair (consistent with Section 7 C ) automatically an ex-officio member of the Academic Council 

    [2] May be members of any of the Divisions 

    [3] May be members of any of the Divisions 

    If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section, please contact:

    Gina Kennedy
    Secretary to the Academic CouncilTel: (705) 662-7206

    Email: gina.kennedy@normed.ca







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