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Standing Committees of the Academic Council

The Academic Council conducts its work through the standing committees. The following are the current standing committees of the Academic Council:

  1. Admissions Committee  
  2. Academic Council Appeals Committee  
  3. Continuing Education and Professional Development Advisory Committee (under review)
  4. Governance and Nominations Committee
  5. Graduate Studies Committee
  6. Health Sciences - Interprofessional Education Committee  
  7. Postgraduate Education Committee
  8. Research Committee  
  9. Undergraduate Medical Education Committee

Dissolved Committees 

Nominations Committee [created GNC] 

Ad hoc Steering Committee [created GNC] 

Health Sciences Users Committee [Dissolved by AC Motion - March 4, 2011]  

Promotions and Tenure Committee [Dissolved by AC Motion - March 4, 2011] 

 If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section, please contact:

    Ms. Gina Kennedy
    Secretary to the Academic Council
    Tel: (705) 662-7206
    Email: gina.kennedy@nosm.ca 



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