About NOSM Education Research Communities

Meet Your Search Team

The search team consists of:

  • NOSM Board Chair and Vice Chair: Pierre Zundel and Moira McPherson
  • 4 Members from the NOSM Board of Directors: Alex Anawati, Lori Flinders, William McCready, and Joy Warkentin
  • 1 NOSM Learner: Caitlyn Vlasschaert
  • 2 NOSM Faculty Members: Paul Miron and David McLean
  • 1 NOSM Executive Group Member: Janice Willett
  • 1 Laurentian University Governor: Tina Sartoretto
  • 1 Lakehead University Governor: Ian McCormack
  • 1 Laurentian University Senate: Abdel Omri
  • 1 Lakehead University Senate: Michel Beaulieu
  • CEO Thunder Bay and Sudbury Hospitals: Jean Bartkowiak and Dominic Giroux


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