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Implementation of the Conflict of Interest Policy is an assigned task by the Dean/CEO of NOSM to provide oversight and guidance to the three (3) year phased-in implementation process of the November 29th 2013 Board Approved School-wide Conflict of Interest Policy with Commercial Entities. 

The policy’s intent is to enhance the professionalism of all NOSM faculty members, learners, and staff members in undertaking education, research, clinical and other administrative activities. A thoughtful and strategic process is essential to ensure effective implementation of this new Policy


The primary purpose of the Implementation Working Group is to encourage broad and meaningful community, faculty and learner interaction and engagement in the implementation of the new COI with Commercial Entities Policy.   

In addition, the purpose is to provide continual and regular feedback and recommendations on arising issues or concerns pertaining to implementation strategies to the Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs who holds the responsibility for faculty annual disclosure reporting. 


A. Develop implementation strategies, which could include:

  1. Actively seeking input and engaging in dialogue with all stakeholders
  2. Overseeing a literature review of best practices in COI implementation
  3. Education about components of the policy and its application in research and education other professional roles of faculty, staff, and learners.

B. To accomplish this, the COI IWG will:  

  1. Guide, monitor, and advise Task Force Chairs and Groups; 
  2. Provide direction and approval of implementation plans that are consistent with the Policy’s principles; 
  3. Approve key strategies related to the COI Policy implementation (e.g. guidelines, protocols, disclosure forms, education tools); and,
  4. Ensure regular feedback and update on COI implementation developments to faculty, staff, and learners. 

Working Group Deliverables

  1. Establish four (4) Task Force groups and recruit members who can bring the perspectives of all faculty, learners, administrative staff, and  others who may bring an expertise in COI. (e.g. legal counsel, commercial entity reps)  
  2. Contribute to the development and design of a NOSM user-friendly educational website related to conflict of interest developments and resource tools.
  3. Provide guidance, advice, and approval of appropriate COI education tools, procedures, and reporting disclosure mechanisms
  4. Document and monitor the work progress of individual Task Force Chairs and Groups
  5. Develop an evaluation process of the  policy implementation  
  6. Provide annual evaluation data that will form the basis of a set of evidence-informed recommendations and directions to the Dean and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, on the current policy content and application of policy statements.

Membership shall consists of:

  • Dean / CEO
  • Associate Dean Postgraduate Education
  • Associate Dean Faculty Affairs
  • Division Heads of Clinical Sciences, Human Sciences, and Medical Sciences
  • NOSM Student Society
  • Physician Clinical Teachers Association (PCTA)
  • Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
  • Task Force Chairs (4)
  • Appointed Co-Chairs
  • Potential other key community individuals with expertise in COI

    In communication membership:
  • Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education
  • Associate Dean Research


COI IWG meetings will be held on a regular basis of every 3 – 4 months for the duration of up to 3 years (2014 – 2017) as a targeted date for the phased-in completion of implementation process of the policy.

For further information, please email governance@nosm.ca.



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