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Policy Renewal Project

The policy framework is comprised of a series of policies, procedures and templates that establish a coordinated and consistent process for the development, approval and review of all NOSM’s policies and regulations. The Policy framework provides a directive and a guideline, it standardizes and provides for processes and clarifies roles and responsibilities in policy development. As of January 16, 2020, the Corporate Secretary, Manager of Policy and Governance Relations has undertaken a project to review and update the policy framework, website and the process and procedures for NOSM policies.

The framework reflects and upholds the core values of the School’s mission statement and principles of academic freedom, integrity, responsibility, equity, and inclusiveness. The development and review of all governing documents are based on these core values, which support the School’s interests and priorities and promote an environment where academic excellence can flourish.


The Project has two overarching goals:

  1. To review the framework within which NOSM policies are managed and to provide a threshold of standards for the development, approval, communication, implementation and review of Policy Documents in order to direct and support effective decision-making.

  2. To review and update the existing document central with the intention of improving the clarity, consistency and relevance of policies, and provide a recommendation to enable information and technology management to the Policy Framework (identifying the program to match the process, identifying the training and supports, software and resources and have the essential Policy Distribution and Compliance Tracking Software  (this works for contracts and agreements also)

The processes at the centre of the policy framework are contained in the Policy on Policies and Procedures approved by the Board of Directors in September 2017, which governs the initiation and review of policies. The framework also includes the people and processes supporting policy initiation and review, communicating changes to  policies, providing policy interpretation, and managing the library of current and prior versions of policies. Each of these pieces of the framework will be examined in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

In addition to the policy framework, the Corporate Secretary will facilitate the review of the library of existing policies. Which may include:

  • “housekeeping” updates, such as changes to formatting, position titles, names of units or legislative references;
  • update and review of current templates, developing guides for templates
  • in-depth review and substantive revisions to content;
  • addition of new policies; gap analysis
  • cancellation of policies which are no longer relevant; and
  • amalgamation of policies with similar subject matter.

Please note, guidelines and procedures will also be reviewed to the extent necessary to maintain consistency with revised policies; however, a thorough review is not currently within the scope of this project.

If you have feedback or comments on the Project or Policies and Procedures please email 

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