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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions ~ For a more detailed guide see the Policy Development Process with Best Practices.

To whom does the Policy Framework and Policy on Policies and Procedures apply?

This applies to all responsible officers or delegates responsible for the development and administration of NOSM’s governing documents.

This site is intended to function as a convenient point of reference for all members of the NOSM Community.

What is a policy?


  • should be current, functional and readily accessible to NOSM community
  • are principle-based statements to be followed in carrying out the activities of the School
  • have broad application throughout the School and are binding on members of NOSM and the NOSM community
  • have subject matter that requires Board of Directors, Academic Council and Executive level approval for policy issuance and revision

What is a procedure?

Procedures are a process or set of steps to be followed in order to give effect to a policy.

Who approves policies and procedures?

Policies and procedures are approved by either the Board of Directors, Academic Council, the Senates of both Lakehead and Laurentian University, the Dean, CEO and President, Executive Group or designated Senior Executive depending on the subject matter. See Approval Flow Chart and Resources

Is there a required format or template for policies and procedures?

Yes, a standard format for policies is required as established in the Policy on Policies and Procedures.  Standard Templates for Policies and Procedures other templates for forms and briefing notes can be found in Document Central under Document Templates and other Resources

Please contact for more information.

Are there policies or procedures that apply only to certain portfolios or divisions?

Yes, academic and administrative units may have policies that apply specifically to their unit and are not classified as School-wide policies. For information on unit policies please contact the specific unit/division directly.

How often are policies and procedures reviewed?

Policies and procedures may be reviewed at any time but must undergo a substantive review at least every five years. Procedures associated with a policy must be reviewed when the policy is reviewed, but may be reviewed at any time as needed.

What if there are too many changes and the policy or procedure needs to be replaced or retired, is that possible?

Yes, to retire a document, it must be officially retired by motion from the body that approved the document. The document must then be placed pursuant to the Records Management Policy and Procedure in archives.

If the document is being replaced by a new policy or document, you must repeal the original document and replace in its entirety the new document.

Are draft policies posted for public comment or review?

Yes, depending on the subject matter from time to time policy or procedure drafts will be posted on this website for public comment prior to finalization.

Visit the Stay Informed ~ Revised Policy and New Policy Notice section of this website

Document is approved, now WHAT?

Once your document has been approved by the Approval Authority, please review the following steps

  1. review and finalize the document with the appropriate title (see requirements) Code# [title] , approval dates and coordinated history annotations etc
  2. cursory review on making sure font and typos are not in the final document
  3. upload the document to Document Central – Upload Centre section under the appropriate category
  4. notify the Manager of Policy and Governance Relations with the link or document if appropriate  by email
  5. disseminate and communicate the approved document pursuant to the confirmed communication plan / training

Who should I contact if I want to comment on a policy or procedure?

Please contact the Responsible Authority listed in the policy/procedure or the Corporate Secretary, Manager of Policy and Governance Relations at